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The-Fifth-Mountain-by-Paulo-CoelhoPaulo Coelho-what an amazing writer, he never disappoints his readers. You can just pick up his books blindly , you don’t need to read reviews and get an idea about the book before you pick up his books to read. I have read a lot of books from this author and I am a big fan! I have read – ”The Alchemist”, ”Veronica Decides to die”, ”Eleven minutes”, ”By the River Piedra  I Sat Down and Wept”, ”The Witch of Portobello”, ”Brida” and liked all of them. ”The Fifth Mountain” is another addition to my favorites from Paulo Coelho.

It is the story of a prophet whose destiny is written by God! In the ninth century b.c.he Phoenician princess Jezebel forces his subjects to worship the  pagan god Baal. He was influenced by his wife who tricked him by her charms to implement this rule all over his kingdom. Elijah, a prophet as commanded by an angel of God flees to Israel to sane his life and seeks shelter.He falls in love with a widow who gave him food and place to stay. But his difficulties doesn’t end here. He has to end this worship of Baal in his homeland and for that he has to return there.

It is story of man seeking his fortune by following God and his angels signals. Everyone has to fight their battles in this world to become a good warrior. But faith is the most important fact needed to win these battles. A wonderful tale of a prophet who is destined to do better things in life. As usual it was a good story with lot of inspiration. My rating: 3 out of 5.


Love, RosieCecelia Ahern has this great simple way of writing style but all her books are different. I have read ”P S I love you”, ”Thanks for the Memories”, ”If you could see me now”, ”The Book of Tomorrow”, ”A Place Called Here” and the ”The Gift”. I liked all becuase they are unique and fresh. You don’t find this concepts anywhere else! ”Love, Rosie is in the forms of correspondences that take place between the main characters in the story. Letters, mails, and chats gives you the complete story.

Rosie and Alex are childhood friends who grow up together but Alex has to move away to US  due to his father getting a better job offer. At 17, Rosie and Alex have just started to see each other in a more romantic light when this moving away happened. Rosie applies to a college in U S to stay closer to Alex. But before she gets into college when she was spending her few days before college life in Dublin a terrible thing happens:  she is pregnant by a boy she went out after Alex cancelled on her due to unavailability of plane tickets. Her dreams of college and Alex is shattered and now she is a single mother with no money, no education. Alex pursues a medical career and a new love in Boston but destiny is different. Because they are not yet done with each other!

My ratings: 3 out of 5. I wanted to give it 4 but then I was fed up of waiting for Alex or Rosie to tell what they really felt about each other it felt like life time to know what they really feel. It is a wonderful, heart touching story of Rosie and Alex. Again the author succeeded in  showing her magic in this book. This book is also called as ”Where the Rainbow ends” ( I came to know after reading the Love, Rosie in E book format, but  I have ” Where the rainbow ends” in hard copy 😦 I thought this two are two different books  )

Loosing my Virginity and other dumb ideasLooking at the fancy title and attractive cover page I decided to buy this book. Some of the of the books by Indian authors are not available in UAE, so 2 months back when I went to India for a vacation  I tried to get as many books as possible. And ended up buying 2 books from this same author by mistake.

Kaveri the protagonist of the novel is turning thirty but she is still a virgin. So far she never had a steady relationship or one night stand. She has been waiting for a right person to come, fall in love and then get married to him. But one fine day she realizes that it was a big mistake to wait and she wants to loose her virginity. With the help of her friend Aditi she finds suitable men and goes out with them for dates but likes none. After few unsuccessful dates she finds this intellectual, Greek god like man and falls for him and looses her virginity. But this Greek god is already married! Now her task is to find what she really wants from her life.

This book has  lot of twists and good humor. In few places you might find Kaveri’s character very silly. But then it is a chick lit what else to expect? It is a good time pass read. My rating: 2 out of 5. 1 star for Humor and one for fancy title.

Untamed Untamed is the fourth installment in the popular House of Night YA fantasy series by P.C & Kristin Cast. After reading 3rd book in the series  ”Chosen” I was not sure weather I liked the series anymore. But ”Untamed” was interesting read.

Zoey Redbird’s friends are pissed at her, in one week she has gone from having three boyfriends to having none. With the brutal murders of two important vampire teachers, The House of Night has upped it’s security. But Zoey is not safe, dark evil is slowly raising it’s head. Neferet is playing a dangerous game and has decided to raise an ancient demon. There’s a new powerful fledgling in The House of Night: James Stark who Zoey Redbird immediately forms a connection with. But while going through change he dies! Eric is back but he gives her silent treatment for cheating on him. This book is full of suspense and it is the best installment compared to first 3 books in the series.

It is a good story but few things are repeated.  For example vocabulary lessons from Damien, dressing style of ”Twins” and they are not really related but how they are ”Twins” and how grandmother  calls Zoey the Cherokee word for daughter and how  the word makes her feel safe. People who are reading series will get bored becuase they have read it hundred times before reaching the 4th book. My rating: 2 out of 5. I wanted to give 3 for the interesting story but then looking at the writing style and repeated explanation I gave 2.

Pretties Pretties is second book in ”Uglies series”. But  I liked the the first one better than the second. As It is teen read, I can see author giving importance to lot of teen issues here, like struggling to look cool, gossips and adventure seeking teens. But what I liked about this book is, in this book they show how the pretty society is living.

Pretties picks up where Uglies left off, Tally is pretty now but her memory about smokes and David is completely erased. Now she is one of those pretties who are good from out side but nothing inside the brain. She is brain damaged there is only peace in her brain now, that’s why pretties never fight. Tally’s boy friend is hot, she is pretty, food is awesome, she is popular what more she can ask for? They are hiring for specials and Tally can be one of them, Specials.  But one day a message arrives from her Ugly past and her memories about smoke comes back slowly. How can she rebel when she is brain damaged? What will she do with her life when Davis’s memory comes back?

It is a good sequel to Uglies, but pretty much same things are repeated again here. My rating: 3 out of 5. There are 2 more books in this series: Specials and Extras.

Red Dragon I loved Dr. Hannibal Lecter from the book ”The silence of the lamb” which is second book in Hannibal Lecter series. Then I decided to read this series to get more details about Hannibal Lecter. ”Red Dragon” is the first book and it doesn’t give much information about Hannibal as  Will Graham takes the major role here. But still Hannibal succeeded to give the readers  creepy feelings few times.

FBI Special Will Graham has retired and lives  with his new wife Molly and her son Willie. He is retired becuase of the nearly fatal encounter with Hannibal Lecter, whose capture he was responsible for. But then his peaceful life was disturbed by his old boss when he came asking for help catching a serial killer named ” Tooth fairy” who killed two families so far. The Tooth Fairy, a serial killer who is named becuase of the tooth marks he leaves and for dicing his victims with shards of broken mirrors. But Will Graham decides to visit Hannibal in his asylum where he is kept guarded. But his encounter with Hannibal brings back the memory and the bitter realization that he can track killers becuase he can think like a killer. Killer is a fan of Hannibal and soon he tries to get in touch with Hannibal through letters and papers which is found out by FBI. Will Graham in his weak mental condition can he catch the killer? Who is this Killer who calls himself as The Red Dragon? What is the mystery behind all these murders?

I totally liked this book. Unlike other books it gives complete information about killer somewhere when you reach the middle of the novel. You will  know who is the killer, his childhood and his mental condition.  It’s like  you are just witnessing how he is killing and how FBI is working to catch him. The mystery is revealed in the beginning but getting hold of this mystery is a big mystery. I liked author’s  writing style. My rating: 3 out of 5. I heard there is a movie adaption by the same name, planing to watch it soon.

Awake at Dawn There are like 9 books to review in my ”read” list and I am too lazy to write reviews. ”Born at midnight” is the first book in Shadow Fall series which I totally liked and rated with  4 stars. ” Awake at Dawn” is also a wonderful book about supernatural creatures. Not only vampires and werewolves but also fairies, shape sifters and witches are part of this Shadow fall series and that makes  it different and interesting.

Kylie Galen is trying to fit in the school of supernaturals, there are vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, fairies and witches, but Kylie is still trying to figure out who is she and where is belongs? She drinks blood and likes it a lot, everyone thinks she is vampire and going to change soon. But that never happens. She suddenly gets physically strong and emotional, everyone thinks she is about to change into a were wolf and that never happens either. But other that identity issues she has got boy friends issues. She was strongly attracted to Lucas, a hot were wolf but one day  he ran off the campus with a she wolf  but still wrote letters to Kylie saying he loves her! There is Derek, a sexy half Fae who’s always been there for her when she needed him, and now he is pushing her to get serious with him. She can’t decide cause she can still feel that attraction for Lucas. Its like relationship ship roller coaster  everywhere. She can’t forgive her step father for what he has done, and her human best friend seems changed and uncertain about their friendship. As she has this ghost whisperer power she is daily encountered by ghosts. But there is something dark lurking in shadow falls which is dangerous. Not to forget that Lucas is back and Derek is restless.

My rating: 4 out of 5. These supernatural books are driving me crazy. I always get confused with the story line of Vampire Academy, Vampire Dairies, Shadow fall series, House of night series, Drake Chronicles. Oh my God! so many series to read. I think there are more, but right now I can’t remember names.


Dead tossed waves Forest of Hands and teeth is the first book in this series, different story line with zombies in it and protagonist female character made this book worth reading. Even though Dead Tossed waves is a good read, it is not as good as the first book. Here the main character of this story is lacking in the kick ass crazy department where in first book Mary gave justice to her character I didn’t find Graby ( the main character of 2nd book) doing the same thing. I found her as dependent cry baby who felt betrayed by everyone.

Graby lives a simple and safe life surrounded by ocean and forest. It is not that easy as it seems becuase this ocean and forest full of zombies always want to eat some flesh out of living things. But security and predicted life style makes it better place to live. But her friends are not like her, they always seek for adventure and fun. One day as a result of this fun and adventure her first crush is bitten by a zombie and half of her group is zombie and are dead. But that’s not all, she comes to know about lot of things like a secret her mom was keeping from her about her birth and forest,  a cult of religious zealots who worship the zombies. Graby can’t hide in her shell of protection forever, this secrets will drag her to forest to save her loved ones.

‘m torn with the rating I gave this book. It deserves more then three stars but I wouldn’t say I ‘really liked it’. I gave 4 starts to the fist book but this book as it was missing a lot of things i can’t say I really liked it. It was just a ”OK” sequel to keep you going with the series. My ratings: 3 out of 5.

imagesI liked the first book in Vampire Academy Series, my rating was 4 out of 5. So thought of reading the second book in the series: Frostbite. Comparably second book was bit boring and not that exciting.

Bad ass Rose Hathaway is back with more action. As we know that she has hots for  Dimitri and he too has same feelings for her, in previous book they decided to stay away. Because  Dimitri didn’t want their affair to be a problem while himself and Rose were guarding Lisa. In this book you can see how Rose and  Dimitri are struggling to stay in control.  Rose is into lot of boy troubles as usual.  Dimitri is planing to start a family with someone and Mason is completely in love with her and there is a new guy trying to hang around with her. Up of all these her mother, whom she hates the most is in Academy. But this problems are nothing becuase Strigoi are closing in and they have already killed many Royals. Its time to teach them some lesson. But when her 3 friends run away on their own to take the matters in hand Rose has to go to extremes to save them.

It is a good time pass read, not as good as the first one. But still I have hopes of reading the third book in the series. My ratings: 3 out of 5.

This is  not a test ”This is Not a Test”  is not really a zombie book. Although it has zombies in it, they are just the constant threat in the book. They are there outside eating every living thing they can find. But This is story of 6 students who are trying to survive. I loved the way zombies are there in this book but still not a big part of it.

Sloane, protagonist  character of this novel has no desire to live. She feels betrayed by her sister who left her.Sloane ran away from abusive father in the beginning of zombie attacks. But she somehow got along with 5 other students and made it to high school. It is secure in high school with water, food and shelter but Sloane never wanted to survive. As the days passes her desire to die and end it at once increases. But she is forced to survive with 5 people who want to live at any cost. Their fate is decided by what is happening out side as they hear about the surviving camp nearby its their decision to go there or be inside the high school. Desperate romances to get momentarily escape from presence, death bids and revenge makes the story interesting. Will Sloane ever see her sister and father back? What is there to hold on when everything is gone? The ending is very skeptical, it  left me hanging there and made me think what is the end?

My rating: 3 out of 5. It is good YA read if you are interested in Zombie apocalypse.