Warm Bodies Can you fall in love with a zombie? Yes I guess, becuase after reading this book and watching the movie based on it I am totally in love with Mr. Rrrr! Every single zombie novels only explained about how zombie eat humans and how they don’t feel any emotions and blah blah blah. But this is the first novel where zombie is the narrator, lovely! ( Extra point! )

It starts with our hero Zombie Mr. Rrrr, how he feels what he sees around in his home, which is abandoned airport, full of zombies. He doesn’t remember anything his name, what he was before or why he is a zombie. There are news papers he can’t read and name tags on some zombies who used to work before in airport which can not be read. He has a friend his name is ”M” may be that is the first letter of his name before he turned into a zombie even he can’t remember. Zombies can’t speak a complete sentence but they can speak in words. For example Rrrr says ”Hungry’‘  M replies ”City”.  There are other kind of zombies too who are rotten and they are skeletons now everyone calls them ”Bonies”. Not sure why Rrrr and some of his friend are different may be becuase they are not that old. This little world of zombies changes when Rrrr meets this teenagers during hunting and eats a brain. Zombies have this advantage of feeling alive again. When they eat parts from brain they can see that person’s memory like dream flowing through them as if that is their own memory. Rrrr eats a person’s brain and falls in love with his girl friend Julie. Whom then he rescues and gets back to airport to keep safe.

Is a human being safe with a zombie? Can zombie really fall in love with a girl? What are the consequences of keeping a human with zombies? Will her people keep quite? These are the questions you need to find answers for, after reading this book.I really don’t want to comment on zombie and human romance. It is disgusting I know, if there was a single horror character left without falling in love then that was zombie. But now even zombie is fallen in love, but who cares when vampires, were wolves and witches are busy in romance what poor zombies can do? Even they get tempted 🙂

My rating: 3 out of 5. It is a good read if you are looking for something different to read. Movie was as good as the book. But I recommend you to read the book first before you watch the movie. Not to forget, Mr. Rrrr is as hot as Edward from Twilight. ( Then again I am not a fan of Edward, I am Jacob lover )

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