The House by Danielle Steel

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Fiction, Romance
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The HouseSo far I have read 2 Danielle Steel Novels and liked it,”Toxic Bachelors” and ”Rogue” are the two books.  Those were kind of  happy endings, so I thought this is her style to give happy effects at the end. But recently I saw one of my colleagues crying secretively, as she was little close to me personally I waited her to tell me what is it about. But when I came to know the reason I was surprised. She said lately she is feeling very sad over silly things and she just can’t stop crying. I asked her what was it all about? At first  she was hesitant to tell me, but then she told me on a condition that I should not laugh or scold her for that. The reason was very simple she had recently read 2 novels from Danielle Steel : ”Jewels” and ”Family Album”. The story line was complete tragedy so she could’t stop crying even after 2 days after reading. I was really shocked to know that as I have read 2 books and  was encountered by happy ending. Finally I want to see it myself. As I didn’t have any of these books mentioned by my colleague, I set for reading ”The House” which was lying in my book shelf from more than a year. For my surprise it was just like 2 books I have read before, all happy story line 🙂

”The House” is all about a women who is in her late thirties finding real meaning in her life. Sarah is a attorney who works for more than 12 hours a day, her love life sucks in weekdays but blooms in weekend. Because she has a boyfriend who comes only to spend weekend with her, weekdays she is alone even though her boyfriend lives few block away from her. This is their arrangement she doesn’t want to marry and have kids and he doesn’t want to commit. But from past 4 years they never spent holidays together, Phil never invited her to go along with him and his kids to Christmas or new year. Its like Sarah is prisoner in her own world who waits for weekend to come. She has a lovely grandmother, who in her eighties still dates decent men and mother who is single and fed up of dating alcoholic, problematic men and now goes for book clubs. Sarah is scared to leave Phil thinking she might end up like her mom, alone. But one day her old client and good friend Mr. Stanley dies and the things he leaves behind changes her life dramatically. More than thing the house he lived in attracts her and the same house brings together this 3 women from 3 generation. What is the secret behind the house? How it will change Sarah’s life? Will she leave Phil for a good man who really deserves her?

It is a good timer pass book with lot of interesting twists. I would recommend this book to people who wants a calm and happy read. My ratings:  3 out of 5. Only one drawback is that here author tells the same thing in 10 different ways. I am not that big fan but I wont mind reading her other novels sometime. But my colleague refused to buy her books when we went to a book shop last week, not to forget they were on sale,its so unlike her.. 😉


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