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Immortals of Meluha I wanted to read ”The Immortals of Meluha”from a long time as I heard lot about this book everywhere. This Shiva Trilogy is a massive hit. Lord Shiva is the god who is the creator and destroyer of the world. I always loved Indian Mythology, god and goddess stories because that was like my fairy tale In my childhood. As I am from a Brahmin family I grew up learning about Veda’s and Shlokas. So when I heard that there is  book about Lord Shiva naturally I was curious to read it.

This story starts with the situation long after Lord Rama’s death. When Lord Rama was there there was a system in society, where equality and hard work was there among people. But after his death people changed. Surya vamshi’s and Chandra Vamshis started fighting each other. But according to prophecy, Lord Mahadev will return in the form of Refugee and after drinking somras ( god’s drink) his trout will turn blue and he will save humanity. Shiva is a refugee from Himalaya’s. He is a warrior with a past that haunts him .Leader of the Guna clan who has been suddenly thrust into limelight in this strange land where people think he can solve all their problems. Just as he is trying to get a grip of it , he falls head over heels in love with a woman who appears to be out of his reach.Surya vamshi’s claim that Chandra vamshi’s  are bad people with Naga’s support they are trying to destroy them. Whose side will Shiv take? Is he really Lord Mahadev’s form? What is it all about?

In this book you can see same names from Mythology  are given to the characters ,use of Lord Shiva’s story to make up the plot line 10 times more interesting. There are lot of reviews stating negative about this book and about usage of Lord Shiva’s name. But if you read this book you can clearly see how he is a normal person with lot of issues and not god! No one is perfect and no one becomes lord just by doing nothing.

I recommend this book to people who are interested in Indian mythology. But then I think you might find it little difficult to read if you are not aware of the real story about real Lord Shiva. But then this book has meanings for lots of words you might come across for the first time. So it won’t be that difficult if you seriously want to read this book. My rating: 4 out of 5. Two other books from trilogy: The Secret of Naga’s and The oath of Vayuputhra’s .

The RescueNicholas Spark’s novel never failed to make me cry, and this book is not different. I have read 10 books from this Author, including ” The Rescue”.  There is something in his novels which makes you get attached to the characters and see them as humans rather than just characters. When he writes a story every character comes into life. The Rescue is about a mother with her abnormal child, who has got learning disabilities and a gentleman who is commitment phobic, and with a terrible past memory making him suffer every moment.

Denise and her son Kyle meets with am accident in a bad weather right after moving to a new town. They are rescued by a volunteer fireman, Taylor and from there their friendship blooms. Kyle is attached to Taylor as he never was attached to anyone. Denise who is single mother and gone through lot of difficulties is scared to take the friendship to next level. But Taylor with his charm and gentleness gets hold on her heart. Everything is perfect until Taylor’s previous self is returned and the chilling truth is that he shows no interest anymore. Will Denise be able to go through this heart break? Will Kyle understand what it means that Taylor can’t be there for him anymore? Whats is this thing keeping Taylor away from everything?

Its a good book, I recommend for those who enjoy Nicholas Spark’s novels. I read it somewhere that this is his debut. My ratings: 3 out of 5.

P.S: I was crying when I reached very close to the end of this book, reading Denise speak out her feelings. I was travelling in bus with lots of tissues in hand, but fortunately as it was afternoon time there were very less people to notice me!

CeaselessLast book from ”Existence Trilogy” is ”Ceaseless”.  I liked the first book in this series, after that I lost interest while reading the second and third book. I felt as if the story was long over and the author just kept  dragging it.

In ”Ceaseless” Pagan Moore is subjected to test. In second book she has proved that her love is worth now she has to face something bigger as test to get Dank. The test is very simple, all her memories about Dank has been erased and she is starting over again like a normal teenage girl away from her home, going to college. But she has to chose Dank. She has given choices over dank, he soul mate and a lot of teenage boys are there to compete with Dank this time. It is not easy for Dank to get his Pagan back. Will Pagan chose Dank instead of her soul mate? Will any other boys be there to take his place this time? What Leif is doing around when Pagan’s memory of Leif is also been erased and Pagan can’t remember him? Is he playing any Voodoo games like last time? More than anything how Dank will convince Pagan to choose him when right from the beginning Pagan misunderstood him?

Its a time pass book if you are fan of paranormal novels and already you have read the first and second book from this series then you can read this book. My rating 3 out of 5. (Because Dank is hot and romantic as ever 🙂 )

Bridget Jones's diaryIt is a funny chick lit, diary of Bridget Jones. In this book humor is too high, I found myself laughing and chuckling most of the time ( not to under estimate the fact that I read this book in my office breaks, trying to grab everyone’s attention with my weird laughter) But this book was worth it! Practically somethings may seem impossible to happen in someone’s life but what do you expect, you are reading a fiction, not autobiography.

Bridget Jones is one lady in her thirties, who is asked by her mother and every possible person about her marriage and getting settled. They try to fix her with a divorced man but he too finds her not datable. But Bridget is not bothered becuase she has crush on her boss. Once they starts to go out everything seems normal to her. But then some men are not to be believed. This book is entirely about Bridget Jones and her life’s roller coaster.

Some of the samples from diary:

  1. ”Come on, let’s get you a drink. How’s your love life, anyway?Oh God. Why can’t married people understand that this is no longer a polite question to ask? We wouldn’t rush up to them and roar, “How’s your marriage going? Still have sex?” 
  2. “When someone loves you it’s like having a blanket all round your heart…” 
  3. “Eventually, I manage to cheer Mum up by allowing her to go through my wardrobe and criticize all my clothes…”

My rating: 3 out of 5. This is a good time pass book. There is a movie adaption of this book, by the same name. Planning to watch the movie soon.

Pretty when she diesThis is what I wanted to read in vampire novel, I don’t even know what I liked in this story, the strong female main character, lot of horror factors and vampire myths and more than anything interesting and unpredictable story line. I wonder why this book is not yet adapted to movie. I am sure this will be a huge hit among vampire fans.

Pretty When She Dies is the first book in a Trilogy and as first books go this was pretty good. Amaliya wakes up from her grave not knowing where she is and what she is. She struggles and gets back to familiar place her own room. But something in her is calling her somewhere else, she ends up killing 13 people and also finds out who is the ancient vampire who made her. But he leaves her on her own and tests her without giving any help but she finds another vampire who is engaged to a human and both gets attracted to each other. Now that her creator is watching her, she has to be careful because he is very good at plying games. Amaliya’s struggles to control blood lust, and lust over another vampire who helped her is never ending. But she soon realizes that she has some powers which was accidentally got transferred to her. Will she be able to fight her powerful creator?

My rating: 3 out of 5. I recommend this book to all vampire fiction fans out there. I am sure you will enjoy it if you like paranormal Y A novel.


Things to do

There are lot of things I want to do in my life. But few things are more important to me and wish to finish soon. Turning 30 is very far for me, I am just 25!  I have plenty of time before I turn into 30. But I want to set a goal now so that I get a idea of what to do. It might sound really crazy but then again you have got only one life to live and I believe in living the life to fullest.

1)      Get a tattoo done ( if possible 2)

2)      Learn Spanish

3)      Write a novel ( expecting it to be a best seller or at least popular)

4)      Visit  Disney land ( Yes! this was my dream from Childhood, seems silly but still!)

5)      Get a portfolio done ( a nice photo album by a professional photographer)

6)      Learn Belly dance

7)      Visit at least 4 different countries

8)      Jump with a parachute

9)      Spend a week with  family somewhere far in some Island

10)     Read at least 1000 books by then


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Blood Feud ”Blood Feud” is the second book in ”Drake Chronicles series”. This is little boring compared to the first book ”My love is bleeding”. I liked almost all characters in the second book but the book was quite disappointing for me. It is about Drake prince, one of drake brothers, Logan and his girl friend Hound Princess  Isabeau. I was expecting lot of falling love and adventures but this book failed to deliver it. As I was also expecting Nicholas and Lucy to be a big part of this book but they were limited to few sentences.

Now that Helena is next vampire queen after defeating Lady Natasha in the last book, royal coronation is about to happen and every one is thinking about peace agreement among different vampire clans. But Leander Montmarte is still trying to get his hands on Solange to marry and get the power of the throne for himself. But his estimated plan is disturbed when Hound princess  Isabeau enters the scene of coronation. Logan falls in love with her, but she is not that easy to give in becuase she has a revenge to be full filled. As she is very near to get back on the vampire who created and left her to rot in coffin for more than 200 years before she got  rescued by hounds. Will she be able to full fill her revenge or will she forget revenge and fall in love with Logan? What will happen to Solange as this time Montmarte is not going back with out marrying her?

It is good read if you are a die hard vampire fan and ready to read a book just by seeing ”vampire” word in it! But believe me if you didn’t read the first book yet, please read it before you go for second becuase there is no use reading the second one with out reading the first one as there is lot of connection between two. This book is boring but not to forget this author’s humor is really good. My rating: 2 out of 5.

Warm Bodies Can you fall in love with a zombie? Yes I guess, becuase after reading this book and watching the movie based on it I am totally in love with Mr. Rrrr! Every single zombie novels only explained about how zombie eat humans and how they don’t feel any emotions and blah blah blah. But this is the first novel where zombie is the narrator, lovely! ( Extra point! )

It starts with our hero Zombie Mr. Rrrr, how he feels what he sees around in his home, which is abandoned airport, full of zombies. He doesn’t remember anything his name, what he was before or why he is a zombie. There are news papers he can’t read and name tags on some zombies who used to work before in airport which can not be read. He has a friend his name is ”M” may be that is the first letter of his name before he turned into a zombie even he can’t remember. Zombies can’t speak a complete sentence but they can speak in words. For example Rrrr says ”Hungry’‘  M replies ”City”.  There are other kind of zombies too who are rotten and they are skeletons now everyone calls them ”Bonies”. Not sure why Rrrr and some of his friend are different may be becuase they are not that old. This little world of zombies changes when Rrrr meets this teenagers during hunting and eats a brain. Zombies have this advantage of feeling alive again. When they eat parts from brain they can see that person’s memory like dream flowing through them as if that is their own memory. Rrrr eats a person’s brain and falls in love with his girl friend Julie. Whom then he rescues and gets back to airport to keep safe.

Is a human being safe with a zombie? Can zombie really fall in love with a girl? What are the consequences of keeping a human with zombies? Will her people keep quite? These are the questions you need to find answers for, after reading this book.I really don’t want to comment on zombie and human romance. It is disgusting I know, if there was a single horror character left without falling in love then that was zombie. But now even zombie is fallen in love, but who cares when vampires, were wolves and witches are busy in romance what poor zombies can do? Even they get tempted 🙂

My rating: 3 out of 5. It is a good read if you are looking for something different to read. Movie was as good as the book. But I recommend you to read the book first before you watch the movie. Not to forget, Mr. Rrrr is as hot as Edward from Twilight. ( Then again I am not a fan of Edward, I am Jacob lover )

The HouseSo far I have read 2 Danielle Steel Novels and liked it,”Toxic Bachelors” and ”Rogue” are the two books.  Those were kind of  happy endings, so I thought this is her style to give happy effects at the end. But recently I saw one of my colleagues crying secretively, as she was little close to me personally I waited her to tell me what is it about. But when I came to know the reason I was surprised. She said lately she is feeling very sad over silly things and she just can’t stop crying. I asked her what was it all about? At first  she was hesitant to tell me, but then she told me on a condition that I should not laugh or scold her for that. The reason was very simple she had recently read 2 novels from Danielle Steel : ”Jewels” and ”Family Album”. The story line was complete tragedy so she could’t stop crying even after 2 days after reading. I was really shocked to know that as I have read 2 books and  was encountered by happy ending. Finally I want to see it myself. As I didn’t have any of these books mentioned by my colleague, I set for reading ”The House” which was lying in my book shelf from more than a year. For my surprise it was just like 2 books I have read before, all happy story line 🙂

”The House” is all about a women who is in her late thirties finding real meaning in her life. Sarah is a attorney who works for more than 12 hours a day, her love life sucks in weekdays but blooms in weekend. Because she has a boyfriend who comes only to spend weekend with her, weekdays she is alone even though her boyfriend lives few block away from her. This is their arrangement she doesn’t want to marry and have kids and he doesn’t want to commit. But from past 4 years they never spent holidays together, Phil never invited her to go along with him and his kids to Christmas or new year. Its like Sarah is prisoner in her own world who waits for weekend to come. She has a lovely grandmother, who in her eighties still dates decent men and mother who is single and fed up of dating alcoholic, problematic men and now goes for book clubs. Sarah is scared to leave Phil thinking she might end up like her mom, alone. But one day her old client and good friend Mr. Stanley dies and the things he leaves behind changes her life dramatically. More than thing the house he lived in attracts her and the same house brings together this 3 women from 3 generation. What is the secret behind the house? How it will change Sarah’s life? Will she leave Phil for a good man who really deserves her?

It is a good timer pass book with lot of interesting twists. I would recommend this book to people who wants a calm and happy read. My ratings:  3 out of 5. Only one drawback is that here author tells the same thing in 10 different ways. I am not that big fan but I wont mind reading her other novels sometime. But my colleague refused to buy her books when we went to a book shop last week, not to forget they were on sale,its so unlike her.. 😉

Perfume“He who ruled scent ruled the hearts of men.”

There are good books, bad books, interesting books and boring books. But there is also another category that’s unique books, it may be bad or good.  This books is chilling tale of murder, something similar to ”The silence of the lambs”. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer is  the great German classic of the 1980s. Few years back when the movie adaption of this novel was on TV I couldn’t watch it thinking it is again another boring story. But now after reading the book I really want to watch the movie.

This book is about Jean Baptiste Grenouille, a orphan born with no scent. No one can smell him as his body does not have any kind of scent. But he is gifted, he can smell anything from far places and store it in his memory and produce it later and feel it for himself. He has the capacity to differentiate and name the scents in one particular scent. But people think he is evil or some kind of bad curse becuase he doesn’t smell,which is the basic thing about humans. His childhood as a tanner, perfumer allows him to learn so many things but he wants to do more. He first murders a red head girl, attracted by her smell. He can remember and re smell it forever but he can’t possess the smell. For that he finds out easy way of storing their smell. From there his murderous journey starts…..

This book is totally unique from the beginning. There is no reason why Grenouille was born without any scent, was he a part of evil? But best part of this book is you get into  Grenouille’s characters and you start imaginary smelling whatever mentioned in the book. Like you can smell river, sweat, sea, air, even you can imagine smelling some perfume from your own imagination. It is a wonderful but cold blooded murder tale of a non scented person in search of scent.