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Never Let Me Go Sachin Garg”Never Let Me Go” is a story of engineering student Samar. In the beginning it starts off  as any normal love story but then it takes many twists and turns. This is my second novel of this author, first was ”I am not twenty four I have been nineteen for five years”. Never let me go is story of author’s life, about the year when he turned 21st. I missed out to read the first book where he says his story of 20th year- ”First Love”. I think that doesn’t make much difference now as it has a complete story as far as I know.

Samar Garg is engineering student in Delhi, living with his best friend , and having the most beautiful girl as a girlfriend he has everything in his life. A nice career to look forward to, never ending romance with Kannika, he is in paradise. But suddenly one day everything collapses, he escapes to Goa in search of something which even he was not sure about. But Goa is a place where every one comes in search of something or the other. Few people come to enjoy and drink, few come to relax, few come to get inner peace and few come to get girls. Samar could get everything he wanted out of these but he had come there to forget something. Working in a shack in a place where  Goa’s most exclusive and wild party happen,s will Samar forget what he wants to forget? Why did he run away from his paradise and what is his real story?

It is a good read if you are interested to read Indian novels, but then again it seems like non fiction after reading about the author and his note in the end of the book. Whatever it may be but it surely inspires me to write a novel. But problem with me is I know what should be the summary but I don’t know how to elaborate it in to a novel. I am sure one or the other day I will write a novel for sure. May be it will not be a hit but it will be impressive for sure 🙂 

My ratings for this book: 3 out of 5. 


The ExorcistI have never read a story like this before!  Its chilling and frightening.  Its been a long time I have read some real horror after Bram Stoker’s Dracula. This book is horrifying tale of week mind and demon. If you believe there is god, there is also demon for sure. There is always fight between good and evil. But for winning the evil there is always been sacrifices. Inspired by a reported case of exorcism of a child in 1949, The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty, published in 1971, is a novel about demonic terror.

 The story starts with the introduction of divorced and well-known actress, Chris McNeil and her daughter, Regan. Regan is taken over by an ancient demon that starts making frightening noises and weird actions as Regan shows psychological and physical change  acts of violence, outbursts, and precocious sexuality  for which neither doctors nor psychologists can’t explain. But they all  think that its becuase of parents divorce, she is taking things to heart. But in spite of all examinations and medicines for days no one knows whats wrong with Regan.

Mean while Jesuit priest and psychologist Damien Karrass is suffering inside. He has lost his faith, and he feels he can no longer minister to other troubled priests in the Order. And he also blames himself for the death of his mother which happened when he was not around. There is been a murder in actress’s house and police are suspicious about a lot of people.

More than horror its shocker. You will be really shocked by the way this story goes on. The actions and activities of possessed Regan, the war inside   Damien Karras’s mind about believing it as demon or psychic disorder is brilliant. I haven’t watched the movie adaption of this book. But I have watched a Bollywood movie which was based on this book.

It is a good read if you are a fan of horror novels . My rating:  4 out pf 5. I recommend this book to only those who can handle reading some real good horror books, otherwise it is really disturbing!

UgliesImagine a world where where everyone is beautiful. There is no discrimination, no celebrities and everyone is equal looking. This is what happens in a town where this future story begins. Tally is from this time of future where this story takes place. For now she is ugly because she is not yet 16. Operations for uglies takes place when they are 16 and once they are pretty with every feature perfect in their body they are given a new house to stay in pretty town. Where they party and enjoy the rest of their life. This is what Tally wants to do too, because before operation you are no one here. Once you are pretty you are treated as human again. But Tally’s friend Shay, who shares Tally’s birthday is against that operation and  runs off to a secret place called Smokes where no one forces you to become pretty. Shay begs Tally to come along but Tally can’t as she wants to become pretty and spend her time with her best friend Peris who is pretty now. When the time comes for her operation she meets another cruel face of pretty town – Specials who refuses to do her pretty but comes up with a bargain. If she finds out where this place Smokes is she can get pretty. Now it is her turn to betray her friend Shay, to whom she promised to keep her secret or to be ugly forever.

What is her choice? Will she find out this place called smokes with just a piece of weird note given by Shay while leaving? Who is this David guy with whom Shay ran off to Smokes? What is the big secret about all these operations, pretties, uglies ans this place called Smokes?

Its a good young adult novel which reminded me of Hunger Games. Adventurous, different story line  which will not bore you for sure. My rating 3 out of 4. I recommend this book  to Hunger Game fans 🙂

Jugari Cross of KPPTKannada language is the first language I learned to speak as a baby. And its the first one I learned to read and write. Even though now I don’t read and write much of it, I always have a warm feeling towards this language. Because this language is close to my heart and more than anything its mine. I have read lot of novels in Kannada, in fact first novel I read was Kannada novel ”Navilu Thota” (Meaning: Peacock Garden) which was translation of some Hindi or Urdu novel I don’t remember now. There are lot of famous novelists like Kuvempu, S. L Bhyrappa, Girish Karnad, Triveni, K. P Purnachandra Tejaswi.

This novel Jugari is written by K.P Purnachandra Tejaswi. Jugari Cross is for real, it is actual place in Karnataka. I have never been there so I hope geography mentioned in this story is also real. It is a super suspense thriller woven around the  incidents that occur with an ordinary  couple’s life. But if you think it is going to be a romantic novel then you are wrong. It has philosophy, literature, the principles of global economies and also about Mafia gang. Suresh and Gowri are couples who are about to sell cardamom in market. But instead of getting few thousands they get Lacks for their Cardamom which is quite unbelievable. Till then everything is slow moving but after that it is run for life. There are people following them but not sure for what. Meanwhile on his run with his wife, Suresh meets his college friend Rajappa who  mysteriousely bumped into him with a book which has more than what a normal person should know. Now Suresh knows whats happening around him.

I liked Suresh and Gowri’s character because they are way cooler than what I expected them to be. Sometimes it is funny how Gowri is so careless. I totally enjoyed reading this book. I read it with in 2 days, actually I could have read it in a day but then I was at my parents place and I was visiting my patents after a year so had lots to talk to them. This book was lying in my mom’s bookshelf and couldn’t resist 🙂 It is really a wonderful read.

My rating: 4 out of 5. This book is translated to English, if someone is interested in wonderful thriller can buy this book from Amazon:

Jugari Cross English

Why we broke upI’m telling you why we broke up, Ed. I’m writing it in this letter, the whole truth of why it happened.

This line was enough to grab my attention, and not to forget the cover page and catchy title. I always like mysterious young adult novels. I just know it by looking at the title. Like ”Perks of being a wall flower”, ”Thirteen reasons why”. My prediction never went wrong.

Min Green and Ed Slaterton are breaking up, so Min is writing him letters and giving him a box. Inside the box is why they broke up. Inside the box there are things which he bought for her or things she collected from their dates. Starting from movie tickets from their first date she collects whatever she comes across, to remember the good time they had together. Min is a girl who dreams about being a movie director one day. Her world is simple with few friends. Ed is totally different than her, he is popular and cool among his friends. This is Min’s first love so this is totally special for her. Everyone is surprised that Ed is going out with Min. If everything was perfect then why did Min brake up?

I loved Min, the way she is simple and innocent. Ed is a big jerk from the beginning I could feel that. I liked Min’s friend more than Ed, I wished they could date! Good young adult novel, my rating: 3 out of 5. Highly recommend this book to teenagers.

imagesOnce a Bookaholic is always a Bookaholic. Yes I am a big bookaholic which already is in my system. Can’t get it out! I keep spreading it to people who are in my close vicinity. Actual cause for my this condition is my mom, from her I got this and I totally love the hang over this books give to me.

This time I got 12 books as birthday gift from my husband:) ( Now he knows its time waste to buy something other than books) Actually he took me to a very big book shop and asked me to  select whatever I want. I immediately got into action and ran away thinking about few books I always wanted to buy. Then I found these books after running to 2 more book shops:

  1. Where rainbow ends by Cecelia Ahern
  2. Malgudi Days by R.K Narayan
  3. Desirable Daughters by Bharati Mukherjee
  4. Red carpet by Lavanya Sankaran
  5. The godfather by Mario Puzo (Which I already read but still wanted to have my own copy)
  6. Losing my virginity and other dumb ideas by Madhuri Banerjee
  7. Mistakes like love and sex by Madhurima Banerjee
  8. Manuscript found in Accra by Paulo Coelho
  9. Never let me go by Sachin Garg
  10. Devil and miss Prym by Paulo Coelho
  11. Love in the time of cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  12. And the mountains echoed by Khaled Hosseini

When I was done selecting 11 books, I found most awaited, precious book of Khaled Hosseini- And the mountains echoed. I started   making puppy face and googly eyes, my husband who was already buying previously selected books understood that I wanted this one too and that’s how I got And the mountains echoed 🙂 (Sometimes acting in front of husband will help you get something good)

This time my birthday was total blast. 4 hours journey from my parents place in train to Goa made my day. Party in Titos, nice soak in swimming pool and few drinks in beach. I was in India on vacation. Brother in Law’s wedding, 12 books & Goa trip and finally winded up!

Reptide I got this book from some random book store last year. I wasn’t aware of the author or the title before, just picked up because wanted to read something new and different. This was lying in my ”to read” list from one year and finally I read it last month. This is really kind of different from what I usually read. This is thriller, murder mystery with lot of suspense and twist.

Sergeant Sarah Delaney has a past which is haunting her everyday. But it becomes worse when she is assigned to solve a murder mystery in Caxton, the place where her boyfriend Tom had lived – and where he died. When she goes to Caxton, to those places and beaches where she lived before and had memories created, her past slowly starts to reveal. Not only past but also a mystery which is related to current murder. What is her past? Is it related to the current murder case? What had happened to her boy friend, even though he is dead why does she hate him?

It is  a good time pass mystery novel to read. In few places I found loose ends, where the story could have been more strong. But over all a good story with fine twists. Not that predictable ending! My rating: 2 out of 5.

Vampire Academy Oohoo.. finally read this book! wanted to read from a long time. I have read many vampire novels about their school and education and other stuff. But this one stands apart.

 Rose Hathaway is a Dhampir, a bodyguard for her best friend Lissa, a Moroi Vampire Princess. Dhampir are meant for protecting the Moroi vampires. They are strong and faithful  Lissa and Rose escaped from the St. Vladimir’s Academy which is boarding school for vampires and half blooded who protect them. But they were found and brought back to school again. Rose is ready to risk her life for Lissa, with whom she has developed a bond which is very rare. There is someone who is monitoring everything and everyone especially Lissa. But there is something happening to Lissa too, something magical beyond the control. And there is  deathly fear of the Striogoi: vampires who have become immortal and seek to destroy all of the royal families by drinking the blood of Morois.

Vampire Academy is a vampire thriller novel with lot of suspense and twists. As the story goes on it is difficult to put down the book. My rating: 4 out of 5. I recommend this book to young adults and vampire fiction lovers.