PartialsHuman race is in danger. from last 11 years there is not even a single baby who survived the RM virus. There are no children, the youngest child on the earth is 14 years old.  Everything is changed after partials attack now earth is left with only resistant survives. Sci-fi books about aliens, people from other planets are not my type. But ”Partials” is different and  it kind of reminds me of Hunger Game series. May be its because there is a kick ass female character in this book too.

Kera doesn’t believe in the hope act, that every female over the age of 18 should get pregnant to save their world. Because over the 11 years, after the attack of partials no baby survives after the birth, due to RM virus. Kera is a medic and she is 16 years old, she saw babies dying in front of her eyes everyday when no one could do anything. Now that her best friend Madison is pregnant she wants to save the child somehow. For that she is ready to take a risk by capturing a partial and studying its resistance towards RM virus. She is all set to capture one partial with the support of her boy friend and others. But after that her life is not normal because she di9scovers TRUTH. A wonderful story of young girl who wants to save the world.

Spoiler alert*** I liked the way the story ended. Too many things revealed but yet to be discovered. I didn’t like Kera’ s boy friend because I felt he was not good enough for her. I liked Samm the partial, and felt he is better choice. But as she didn’t reveal her feelings about Samm in this book, have to wait until I read the second one. my rating:  3 out of 5.

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