ShiverRecently I am acting like a crazy teenager, obsessed with YA novels. I always liked Good YA novels, with vampires, werewolves or witches, paranormal romance and crazy family drama’s. This time I picked another series ”The Wolves of Mercy Falls”. I was really excited to read about werewolves it has been a very long time since ”Blood and Chocolates” that I have read something related to wolves. But after reading 25- 30 pages I lost my interest. It is slow going, boring type of novel where everyday same kind of thing happens. I was waiting for some real werewolf action which never came.

Grace remembers that day when she was really young and a group of wolves dragged her to the woods and tried to eat her. There was this wolf with yellow eyes saved her and stood for her. After that every year for almost 16 years she saw this yellow wolf in winter time looking at her from woods.  Grace always tried to reach to him or communicate but failed. Sam lived 2 different lives, in summer as a boy and winter as a wolf. One day Grace meets this yellow eyed guy and from that moment she knows its her wolf. But there is not much time for love when Sam has limited time in human form. She finds out that this is the last time Sam is going to be human after that he is wolf forever.

This story line is really good but the way it was expressed is boring. It is a good read if you think ”I don’t mind to read whatever it is until and unless it has werewolves in it”. There were really some strong characters like Jack, Beck and Shelby which could have given more weight to the story but some how Grace and Sam were only two important people and rest seemed nothing. My rating: 2 out of 5.

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