My love lies bleedingHere comes another series! Vampire YA series- ”Drake Chronicles”. I really didn’t think I will like it. Because there are  hundreds of vampire YA books, all some how similar and boring. But this one stands apart from all. This book has its own identity. There is a new imaginary world of vampires where there are different types of them. Wicked humor, funny romance makes it more interesting to read.

There has never been a female vampire born from many years. But there is Solange, who is born as vampire and she is direct threat to vampire queen,according to some prophecy. When she is about to turn 16 everyone wants to get her. Some to marry her and some to kill her. Solange’s family lives with humans surrounded and her best friend Lucy and her family knows them from years. Nicholas, Solange brother is attracted to Lucy and the feeling is mutual. Now that Solange is kidnapped and everyone’s life is in danger, Solange  meets this vampire hunter who is set to kill the vampires who killed his father. Solange likes this vampire hunter but will he like her is he knew that she is about to change into a vampire very soon?

Its a good read if you are vampire YA fan. There is lot of creativity in writing. My ratings: 3 out of 5.


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