The  StruggleThis second book in ”Vampire Diaries” picks up exactly form where the first book ended. Stephen is missing, Elena is in search of him. Elena confronts Damon by her choosing. Damon is everywhere in this book, he is with her classmates, friends, and even with her family members in her house. This book is more focused on Elena’s missing dairy because entire story is revolving around that. This book is really a fast read, because  there is nothing to drag about. It is simple and direct.

Elena is lot more stronger here and her character is better than the first book. But I wonder why she is confused so much even though she likes Stephen, there is something in her which is attracted to Damon. ( I personally agree that in TV series Damon is hotter than Stephen 😉 ) Whatever, it is  an interesting read. My rating: 3 out of 5.

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