the-silver-kissThis is vampire and human love story. Where Zoey falls for Simon, who is 300 years older than her. This was published in 1990. I liked the book from the beginning, this is what real vampires are if there are! Because here Simon can’t cross the running water, can’t stand the crucifix, can’t enter without invited to anybody’s house and he can’t walk in the sunlight free.

Zoey is a normal teenager who is going through lot more than a normal teenager do. Her mom is dying at the hospital, her dad is so much into his work and hospital that he doesn’t get time to talk to her or he is avoiding her. Her best friend is moving to some where far, even she doesn’t want to talk about Zoey’s problems. Totally she is on her own. She meets this handsome guy called Simon one night at the park and falls for him with out knowing who he is but when she comes to knows she is gone far away to come back. Simon wants to take revenge on his brother who put him to this black hole and who is slaughtering women at night. Will Simon succeed in this? What will happen to Zoey and Simon?

It is kind of sad ending but it was somehow perfect ending. I have read this author’s ”Blood and Chocolate” novel. But ”The Silver Kiss” is her debut novel.   My rating: 3 out of 5.

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