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Eleven Minutes ”I can choose either to be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure. It’s all a question of how I view my life.”  – Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho

I am totally in love with Paulo Coelho’s books. He takes simple subjects to write a book and once you are done reading you know you have different prospective towards the same simple subject. philosophical and inspiring thoughts with simple yet interesting story line is his specialty.  I have read 6 books from this author till now including this book. All are wonderful master pieces, I should say for some books I might have rated less, but it depends how you like the subject in the book.

”Eleven minutes” is a story of young Brazilian girl Maria, who is heartbroken over first innocent crush. And then she believes that she will never get her true love and decides that love is a terrible thing which will make you suffer. In Rio on her first real vacation she meets this man who gives her chance to go to Geneva for work. But this work which will make her rich is prostitution. She has 2 choices, one to go back to her village and live as if nothing happened and marry this gentle man who said he will wait for her to come back, even though she is not in love with him. And the second choice is to live the life here make money by giving sexual pleasure and go back to village after making enough money to buy a farm and be happy with her parents.  Yes, she chose the second one, it may seem easy but it is not. Maria meets this 2 different people while she is in Geneva, who wants to show her 2 different ways of pleasure.  One is pleasure by pain and sex and another one is pleasure of sacred sex, but the choice is Maria’s weather to search pleasure in pain or pleasure in finding the inner light.

This is quite different topic. I would not prefer this book for young adults. Even though it is lacking lot of inspiring things I kinda liked this book. But some philosophies are good to read but not to follow. As they say everyone has their own way to explore their life and take chances, this is a different way of knowing the ups and downs of life and finding the love. My rating 3 out of 5.

PartialsHuman race is in danger. from last 11 years there is not even a single baby who survived the RM virus. There are no children, the youngest child on the earth is 14 years old.  Everything is changed after partials attack now earth is left with only resistant survives. Sci-fi books about aliens, people from other planets are not my type. But ”Partials” is different and  it kind of reminds me of Hunger Game series. May be its because there is a kick ass female character in this book too.

Kera doesn’t believe in the hope act, that every female over the age of 18 should get pregnant to save their world. Because over the 11 years, after the attack of partials no baby survives after the birth, due to RM virus. Kera is a medic and she is 16 years old, she saw babies dying in front of her eyes everyday when no one could do anything. Now that her best friend Madison is pregnant she wants to save the child somehow. For that she is ready to take a risk by capturing a partial and studying its resistance towards RM virus. She is all set to capture one partial with the support of her boy friend and others. But after that her life is not normal because she di9scovers TRUTH. A wonderful story of young girl who wants to save the world.

Spoiler alert*** I liked the way the story ended. Too many things revealed but yet to be discovered. I didn’t like Kera’ s boy friend because I felt he was not good enough for her. I liked Samm the partial, and felt he is better choice. But as she didn’t reveal her feelings about Samm in this book, have to wait until I read the second one. my rating:  3 out of 5.

Point of retreat “I know how you like to be asked and not told. But I’m not asking you to marry me…I’m telling you to marry me, Lake.. because I can’t live without you.” – Colleen Hoover ( Point of retreat)

Point of retreat picks up exactly from where the Slammed ended. Slammed took me to a different world of slam and love. I definitely wanted to read this second book to get more high with slams. This is tender love story of Will and Lake. Now that Lake’s mother is dead, Lake is responsible for her brother the same way Will is responsible for his brother. They all are one family now. But when someone from Will’s past emerges and tries to get back with Will, Lake can’t take it. She doubts their love and relation. Will Lake understand that their love is true, not built on sympathy because they both are in same situation? Can Will get away this ghost from the past who is always trying to flirt with him?

This is a good book, but not good as the first one. I wanted to give 4 but I ended up giving 3. If you are expecting something similar to Slammed then forget it. Even the slams used in this book are not as good as the one in first book. OK now I am comparing too much. Light romance with lot of emotions= Point of retreat.  There is another book in this series- This Girl, god! these series nowadays 🙂

ShiverRecently I am acting like a crazy teenager, obsessed with YA novels. I always liked Good YA novels, with vampires, werewolves or witches, paranormal romance and crazy family drama’s. This time I picked another series ”The Wolves of Mercy Falls”. I was really excited to read about werewolves it has been a very long time since ”Blood and Chocolates” that I have read something related to wolves. But after reading 25- 30 pages I lost my interest. It is slow going, boring type of novel where everyday same kind of thing happens. I was waiting for some real werewolf action which never came.

Grace remembers that day when she was really young and a group of wolves dragged her to the woods and tried to eat her. There was this wolf with yellow eyes saved her and stood for her. After that every year for almost 16 years she saw this yellow wolf in winter time looking at her from woods.  Grace always tried to reach to him or communicate but failed. Sam lived 2 different lives, in summer as a boy and winter as a wolf. One day Grace meets this yellow eyed guy and from that moment she knows its her wolf. But there is not much time for love when Sam has limited time in human form. She finds out that this is the last time Sam is going to be human after that he is wolf forever.

This story line is really good but the way it was expressed is boring. It is a good read if you think ”I don’t mind to read whatever it is until and unless it has werewolves in it”. There were really some strong characters like Jack, Beck and Shelby which could have given more weight to the story but some how Grace and Sam were only two important people and rest seemed nothing. My rating: 2 out of 5.

 My love lies bleedingHere comes another series! Vampire YA series- ”Drake Chronicles”. I really didn’t think I will like it. Because there are  hundreds of vampire YA books, all some how similar and boring. But this one stands apart from all. This book has its own identity. There is a new imaginary world of vampires where there are different types of them. Wicked humor, funny romance makes it more interesting to read.

There has never been a female vampire born from many years. But there is Solange, who is born as vampire and she is direct threat to vampire queen,according to some prophecy. When she is about to turn 16 everyone wants to get her. Some to marry her and some to kill her. Solange’s family lives with humans surrounded and her best friend Lucy and her family knows them from years. Nicholas, Solange brother is attracted to Lucy and the feeling is mutual. Now that Solange is kidnapped and everyone’s life is in danger, Solange  meets this vampire hunter who is set to kill the vampires who killed his father. Solange likes this vampire hunter but will he like her is he knew that she is about to change into a vampire very soon?

Its a good read if you are vampire YA fan. There is lot of creativity in writing. My ratings: 3 out of 5.

The  StruggleThis second book in ”Vampire Diaries” picks up exactly form where the first book ended. Stephen is missing, Elena is in search of him. Elena confronts Damon by her choosing. Damon is everywhere in this book, he is with her classmates, friends, and even with her family members in her house. This book is more focused on Elena’s missing dairy because entire story is revolving around that. This book is really a fast read, because  there is nothing to drag about. It is simple and direct.

Elena is lot more stronger here and her character is better than the first book. But I wonder why she is confused so much even though she likes Stephen, there is something in her which is attracted to Damon. ( I personally agree that in TV series Damon is hotter than Stephen 😉 ) Whatever, it is  an interesting read. My rating: 3 out of 5.

the-silver-kissThis is vampire and human love story. Where Zoey falls for Simon, who is 300 years older than her. This was published in 1990. I liked the book from the beginning, this is what real vampires are if there are! Because here Simon can’t cross the running water, can’t stand the crucifix, can’t enter without invited to anybody’s house and he can’t walk in the sunlight free.

Zoey is a normal teenager who is going through lot more than a normal teenager do. Her mom is dying at the hospital, her dad is so much into his work and hospital that he doesn’t get time to talk to her or he is avoiding her. Her best friend is moving to some where far, even she doesn’t want to talk about Zoey’s problems. Totally she is on her own. She meets this handsome guy called Simon one night at the park and falls for him with out knowing who he is but when she comes to knows she is gone far away to come back. Simon wants to take revenge on his brother who put him to this black hole and who is slaughtering women at night. Will Simon succeed in this? What will happen to Zoey and Simon?

It is kind of sad ending but it was somehow perfect ending. I have read this author’s ”Blood and Chocolate” novel. But ”The Silver Kiss” is her debut novel.   My rating: 3 out of 5.