Room by Emma Donoghue

Posted: April 27, 2013 in Fiction, Suspense
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Room emma donoghueToday I’m five. I was four last night going to sleep in Wardrobe, but when I wake up in Bed in the dark I’m changed to five, abracadabra. Before that I was three, then two, then one, then zero. “Was I minus numbers?”

One Room, one world! Story of Jack and Ma for whom their room is their world it is not that they like it, but they don’t have any option. Ma is surviving in single room with her kid Jack, who knows nothing about out side world. Keeping him safe is the first thing on her mind. Jack knows only 2 people, Ma and Old nick who comes only at night time and Jack sees him from his vantage point in a wardrobe.  Jack is satisfied and happy being with Ma as he has no idea whats outside. But Ma is sad because she wants to get her freedom back. You can see 2 different perspectives, two ways of looking at life.

I respect Ma for her creativity and courage to keep a child, even though  Jack’s Biological father is Old nick, her kidnapper. The way she thinks to keep him safe, entertained in all possible ways,how she uses the  tricks to escape. If you think escaping makes their life easier you are wrong. Imagine Ma who goes out after being in a room for 7 years. Even though she is seen 19 years of outside world before its not the same. And imagine Jack, who is never seen anything from outside, not even through a window, how can he adjust to sudden change like that?

Its a wonderful book, Jack is sweet and his way of thinking is very cute. His usage of   grammar is hilarious 🙂 Kidnapping is serious crime. Kidnapping and keeping a person for years and using her physically is cruel,disgusting thing to do! This is really a good read. My rating: 3 out of 5. I was reading a review and found out that such cases happens, if you can type Josef Fritzl and search in Google you will find out something 100 times cruel than what happened in this book.

  1. Geoff W says:

    This was a great, but harrowing, novel. I agree with you about Ma’s creativity and ability to adapt, but it’s just so sad. I heard Donoghue speak a few years ago about the book and she was great and shared all sorts of things about her research.

  2. Jill says:

    I was a little bit disappointed by this book. I didn’t think Emma Donoghue did either part of the story justice. The escape was too easy and I was left thinking why hasn’t Ma done something sooner. This said, the plot premise was a fascinating one and I was hooked as I read, desperate to find out what happened next. A bit of a mixed-bag in my opinion but definitely a book everyone should read once. Thanks for sharing!

    • Deepika says:

      Yes, the escape part was very easy, and when I think about it now, I feel like she could have done something sooner, I agree with you. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your view.

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