CrescendoI seriously don’t know why people write series! When the first book is awesome and you love it why you want a second book to spoil it completely and make you hate it? I totally liked the first book ”Hush Hush”  in  ”Hush Hush series” even though the name never made sense to me!

 Nora, age 16 is in love with Patch who was a fallen angel, but saved her life and is now her guardian angel. She is in love with him, likes to be with him, kiss him but Patch can’t feel anything physically. she tries to save him from the vengeance of the archangels because apparently it is illegal among angels for him to love a human so she breaks up with him and then suffers dreadfully. But Patch doesn’t seem like he is suffering because he is now going out with Nora’s enemy Marcie. Nora tries to go out with Scott, who is a bad boy and secretive, with whom her mom tries to link Nora. But she suffers even more seeing Patch and Marcie wherever she goes with Scott. But Scott is not human being! It’s like Nora can’t get a descent human being to date! Now that her love is gone, life is miserable there is more mystery to know about her birth and weird dreams she keeps getting about it. Everything comes to an end when she comes to know who is trying to kill her.

Reading this book was a mistake. But can’t help it when you start reading series. Hope to read the 3rd book but not soon. My rating: 2 out of 5.

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