Chosen by P C CastEvery single vampire book comes in series. It is like you read the first one, you have to read every single book in the series to know what happens to the characters. I kind of hate reading series ( Hunger Games and Harry potter doesn’t come under this category 🙂 )

I am not a big fan of ”House of night” series but as I started reading it I thought to finish it. Chosen is the third book in the series. First book was good but later after reading the second book I felt there is nothing horror in it. It seems very childish to me to read about vampire school and Zoey and her friend’s stupidity. I am not that impressed with the story line either. This book starts of with Zoey’s birthday and how much she hates Christmas themed birthday presents. Zoey is confused in this book because she has 3 boy friends. One Human, one on the way to become vampire and other one is a full grown vampire. Now that she knows what happened to her best friend Stevie Rae, after she died. She wants to help her find a way back to humanity. But problems starts when a vampire body is found on school ground. Is it another trick of Neferet’s or really people of faith are killing vampires?

My rating: 2 out of 5. I don’t know what 9 more books in the series contain.

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