Wicked by Sara ShepardDon’t believe pretty girls with  ugly secrets!

Wicked is the 5th book in ”Pretty little lairs” series. Now that in 4th book they have found out who is I am sorry who was A, life seems lot more easier. As Spencer remembered the events from that night Ali went missing Ian Thomas is  in jail awaiting trial and the girls are able to relax and return to their lives. But can they really think that everything is over now because now A is dead?

Think trouble is their second name, as they start receiving text messages from A saying that its not over yet. Spencer’s parents are still not talking to her because of the  ”Golden orchid essay ” thing and she is sure now that she is adopted after an incident which leaves her in confusion. Emily starts liking a guy now whom she is dating and she can’t figure it out now if she is into girls or guys. Aria is attracted to a man who is dating her mother and A is blackmailing to ruin her relationship with her mother. Now that Hanna is living with her dad, step mom and step sister Kate there is not much happiness to find.

If you think that its over, no its not! The Game is still on. My rating: 4 out of 5.

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