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First grave on the Right”The First Grave on the Right” is witty and humorous young adult fiction which you can categorize into  Paranormal category. Here comes our kick ass heroine Charley Davidson: part-time private investigator and full-time Grim Reaper. Charley Davidson, this name sounds more like a man’s name  to me 🙂

Our heroine can see dead people, its like she is a portal for heaven. Dead people can cross and go to another world where souls belong. It is author  Darynda Jones’s debut novel and first book in  Charley Davidson series. She works as private investigator helping her uncle to solve murder mysteries. Because it is easy to find out who killed when a dead person comes and tells you who killed him. Crazy right, its freaky but interesting concept. Charley has to invest a case where lot of murders are involved and she gets into trouble with bad people. But she is in love with a weird person whom she can feel but can’t see. This soul comes in her dreams and gives all romantic experiences. Who is this? What is this mystery she is about to solve? How did she get this power to see this souls?

I liked the concept and humor. This book is fresh and lively read if you are into paranormal novels. My rating: 3 out of 5.


the forest of hands and teethVery dark, chilling tale of those who can walk even after death, Zombies- who never stops. I really like reading about zombies after reading Walking Dead Comics and watching the series on TV. ”The Forest of Hands and Teeth” is a heart breaking and horrifying tale.

Mary, the main character, lives in a village there civilization has been set back by hundreds of years, because of   “The Return.” The village is surrounded by a fence which holds back the Forest of Hands and Teeth. Within the forest are Unconsecrated or simply you cal them zombies. Villagers live their life as zombies moan and push the fence everyday. But Mary has dreams of ocean from the day she saw a old photograph as a child. But no one believes in such thing anymore because no one knows what is there behind the forest of zombies. In between this she falls in love with a man whom she can’t have according to sisterhood. Sisterhood rules over the village as they help people to survive from zombies. But Mary finds out that there is some dark secret sisterhood is keeping from villagers. Before she could do anything about it the village is under attack from zombies. Mary and her friends run away through forest when everyone turns into zombies. Now Mary  has got her chance to explore what lies behind the forest and find a way to ocean.

I loved this book ♥ I am definitely going to read the remaining books in ”The Forest of Hands and Teeth” series. Highly recommended for people who loves to sink their teeth in zombie novels 🙂

The Silence of the LambsIt is a classic thriller, I watched the movie before I read this book, in a way it spoiled the suspense but it was a good read, I can say I liked it  better than the movie. After reading the book I came to know that it is second book in ”Hannibal Lecter” series. I don’t know how well these series are related with each other but I am surely going to read the remaining books in this series.

Hannibal Lecter is a psychologist but he is in jail because of few murder cases. Clarice Starling is main character of the book who is trainee at FBI but she has chosen to work on a series case of serial killer known as ”Buffalo Bill” whose identity is unknown to everyone.  His speaciality is to kill the girls and then skin them and throw them in water. Clarice Starling has to take information from Hannibal Lecter because he know him  when he was working as a doctor. But Hannibal Lecter loves to play games and act smart. But he agrees to talk to only Clarice Starling. Will she be able to take the information from him? Who is this Buffalo Bill and what is he up to by killing all these ladies?

This book is seriously disturbing so I don’t recommend this book to young adults. Readers will have fun guessing the clues given by Dr. Hannibal Lecter. This is a wonderful book for thriller fans.

Betrayed Betrayed is second book in ”House of night” series. Its an predictable story of vampire school. Nothing special from other young adult vampire novels. I read it because I challenged myself to read this entire series. I am sure or else I will never think of reading this.

This book starts off exactly where the first book stopped. Zoey is now leader of Dark Daughters and sons. Aphrodite is not happy with this. But there is some one else who is not happy with new arrangements. Some one is picking on Heath’s football team members and draining their blood. Zoey is imprinted with Heath and likes to drink his blood meanwhile she likes Eric too. But then there is an adult hot vampire Loren whom she has crush on. Totally messed up life becomes even more messed up when some one very close to her dies.

Very predictable story line, but  interesting read if you are a fan of young adult vampire novels and if you know what to expect from it.

Predestined Predestined is second book in Existence series. Ever since I read the first book, I was in love with the characters. Very interesting plot about death falling in love with normal girl holds the same effect in this book too.

Dank the death is completely fallen for Pagen. But for Pagen Moore life is more complicated, Leif Montgomery is missing but no one remembers him. But Pagen is worried because he is coming in her dreams uninvited, but these are not real dreams, but part of her memory from childhood which she has forgotten completely. Leif Montgomery is back to take Pagen’s soul as restitution with the help of his dad who is Voodoo lord. Now Dank has to fight against powerful Voodoo lord to get his love back.

Never read a novel which explains so much about  Voodoo. It is an interesting  read but first book was better than this one. My rating is: 3 out of 5.

Disco DaddyI bought this book long back, from some book sale. I started reading it last year but kept saying I will read it another day after reading a page or two every time.  Finally I read it completely! When I bought this I was not aware of the author or the title. Tiny disco lights and catchy title fooled me.

Valerie,Sinead and  Karin are best friends. Their love life sucks, but they are not bothered about men. Until Veleries ex-husband Jack makes a deal of millions. They have to find a man and marry him before their 40th birthday, that is like few months away. But Valerie is not aware of this and her friends keep this away from this bet.Record producer Sinead and Magazine editor Karin are in hurry to fall in love and get married where  Ex- Model Valerie is not aware of her friends plan thinks that her friends are avoiding her. Who will they get to fall in love with? Who are those lucky men? What Valerie will do when she comes to know about her best friends bet with her Ex-husband?

It is funny I agree, but I felt it was boring till ending. I have never read Morgan Prunty’s book so I don’t know if its her usual style of writing! My rating: 2 out of 5.

Curious incident of dog in the night timeI have no clue why I considered reading this book. I can say 2 reasons now.

1) The upside down dog in the cover page

2) Man Booker Prize nominee for longlist (2003), as now I am obsessed with Booker Prize winner books

I have mixed feelings for this book, I want to really like this book but I cant. I didn’t say that it is not good, but I can’t figure it out why I don’t like it much. It is a story told by an autistic boy which was  incredibly touching for me,  sometimes I was close to cry but more than anything  I felt anger, kind of helpless  feeling through out the book. I really sympathized his parents. Through out this book Christopher,  an autistic boy tells his story. Here he is trying to write a novel, he opts mystery as the subject of the novel and tries to solves the mystery about who killed the  dog from next door. But as he works around it, slowly he solves many mysteries which is part of his own life.

It is well written book with interesting concept in it. It is a wonderful book if you are ready for some serious reading. My rating is : 3 out of 5.