Betrayed Betrayed is second book in ”House of night” series. Its an predictable story of vampire school. Nothing special from other young adult vampire novels. I read it because I challenged myself to read this entire series. I am sure or else I will never think of reading this.

This book starts off exactly where the first book stopped. Zoey is now leader of Dark Daughters and sons. Aphrodite is not happy with this. But there is some one else who is not happy with new arrangements. Some one is picking on Heath’s football team members and draining their blood. Zoey is imprinted with Heath and likes to drink his blood meanwhile she likes Eric too. But then there is an adult hot vampire Loren whom she has crush on. Totally messed up life becomes even more messed up when some one very close to her dies.

Very predictable story line, but  interesting read if you are a fan of young adult vampire novels and if you know what to expect from it.

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