Disco Daddy by Morgan Prunty

Posted: February 5, 2013 in Fiction
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Disco DaddyI bought this book long back, from some book sale. I started reading it last year but kept saying I will read it another day after reading a page or two every time.  Finally I read it completely! When I bought this I was not aware of the author or the title. Tiny disco lights and catchy title fooled me.

Valerie,Sinead and  Karin are best friends. Their love life sucks, but they are not bothered about men. Until Veleries ex-husband Jack makes a deal of millions. They have to find a man and marry him before their 40th birthday, that is like few months away. But Valerie is not aware of this and her friends keep this away from this bet.Record producer Sinead and Magazine editor Karin are in hurry to fall in love and get married where  Ex- Model Valerie is not aware of her friends plan thinks that her friends are avoiding her. Who will they get to fall in love with? Who are those lucky men? What Valerie will do when she comes to know about her best friends bet with her Ex-husband?

It is funny I agree, but I felt it was boring till ending. I have never read Morgan Prunty’s book so I don’t know if its her usual style of writing! My rating: 2 out of 5.


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