Endless Summer”Endless Summer ” by Jennifer Echols is for young adults. But I don’t recommend this to teenagers. I don’t think flirting with lot  of guys is going to set a good example, but if you just read it with out taking it seriously then it is a good time pass book. It is the first book in ”The Boy Next Door” series.

Lori is the girl next door to a family of three boys, Cameron, Sean, and Adam. She’s been in love with Sean since she can remember and will do anything to get with him. Anything, that she is even ready to flirt with Adam to make him jealous and get him.  Unfortunately, Adam has been in love with Lori since he was four or something. Also Adam had a girlfriend that he kept just to get Lori jealous, now that Sean is with Adam’s girl friend things are little twisted. Adam has ADHD which he had from childhood. Meanwhile Lori falls in love with Adam and everything is back to normal but due to Adam’s anger issues everything gets spoiled. Now Adam is flirting with his ex-girlfriend   for whom Sean has feelings for, to make Lori jealous. What will happen at the end of this little love-jealous game?

At some point I felt that this book is never going to end. In the middle of the book I was confused about who was flirting with whom. Two irresistible boys,one unforgettable summer that’s what the book says. So get ready to read endless flirting. My ratings are 2 out of 5. I wanted to give 1 but I liked the humor that’s why gave 2.


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