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The Stars Shine DownMy 3rd book of Sidney Sheldon, this book was short read, I read it in two days. I am not a big fan of  this author but I liked the book ”Nothings last forever”. I am ready to explore more of this author’s writing. But this book is not what I expected to be, I am not saying it was bad. The book was a good time pass read, but the mystery seemed very less compared to other two books I  read.

This is a good inspirational story of a woman who created everything from nothing. Lara Cameron, who made her way through success by achieving one of the top world site builders over a traditionally male dominant society. Lara is the daughter of a boarding house manager in Glace Bay with nothing in hand reached to the top level. She wanted to earn more power to prove her father wrong and she did succeed in that. She is a powerful lady who can do anything to get what she wants.  She is called as Iron butterfly but will she keep up her level forever? When one is dealing with real estate business its sure to make enemies, will her enemies can sit comfortably when a lady is over powering them? Will her affection to someone will turn into her enemy?

It is a good suspense novel, with good inspirational story in it. I recommend this book to mystery fans. My rating 3 out of 5.

The Awakening From a long time I wanted to read this series. Whenever I wanted to watch the TV series I kept saying let me finish the book first. Now that I have read the first book may be I can start watching the series.

Elena, the queen bee of her high school, is confused when the new boy, Stefan shows no interest in her. He is so secretive about his past and he keeps to himself. Elena takes him as challenge and tries to do all possible tricks to win his attention. But there is someone watching her always, and there is attacker who killed a old man and attacked her classmate near the cemetery. Stefan can’t belong anywhere because he is not human, he thinks he is behind these attacks but he can’t remember anything. But Stefan can’t avoid Elena just because she brings back the memories of Kathrine whom he loved in past. He can’t avoid loving her and the feeling is mutual. Now that they both know that Elena wants to know his dark secrets. There is someone who can  manipulate everything and every mind around just to take revenge on Stefan. Who is that? What Elena will do if she comes to know that Stefan is a vampire?

It is a young adult vampire novel. Fantasies are only suitable for teens. I recommend this to people who are interested in vampire romance but not to those who want to read some serious vampire action. My rating: 3 out of 5. It is a good time pass read.

A Child Called ''It''Get one thing straight, you little son of a b*tch! There is nothing you can do to impress me! Do you understand me? You are a nobody! An It! You are nonexistent! You are a bastard child! I hate you and I wish you were dead! Dead! Do you hear me? Dead!

This book contains very disturbing and unforgettable case of child abuse. It is the first book in ”Dave Pelzer” series. This book is very short read, but believe me  it is not the kind of book that you read for pleasure.

A Child Called “It” is real story of Dave Pelzer’s childhood where he went through severe child abuse by his own biological mother. What kind of mother will make her son sleep in empty stomach? and beat him until he passes out? What kind of mother will come up with new ideas everyday to torture her son? and his father witnessed his son being abused but never once stood up for him? The way the author described his feelings and struggle to get something to eat  was really heartbreaking.

I don’t know if it is a true story of this author, because I have read many reviews stating it is fiction and not at all related to reality! But seriously who cares what it is, child abuse is true and exists! May be not similar one but child abuse is a serious subject. This is a vitally important topic, according to me this book tried to bring the topic to light. My rating 3 out of 5. Recommended for autobiography and non fiction fans, but please be careful about the disturbing contents.

the perks of being a wallflower-posterThe moment I saw this book, I wanted to read! Even though I am not a shy person, or scared of talking and making friends, after moving to a new place now I hardly have friends anymore. So the title ”The Perks of Being a Wallflower” caught my attention. I liked this book with no valid reasons, I just don’t know why but I love this book. This book kinda reminds me of the dairy entries in ”The curious incident of the dog in the night time”. But believe me there is no similarities and these are not dairy entries but a letter to a random person who has no idea  from whom its coming from.

 Charlie wasn’t normal and he knew it.He was struggling after the death of his favorite Aunt, by blaming himself responsible for that. He tried his best to “participate” but he is shy and unsure so he would like to be locked away from everyone else.He was a freshman and hanging out with seniors like  Patrick and Sam,exposed him to a lot of things he wasn’t used to (like smoking, drinking and making out). This is his story of learning and knowing himself , falling in love and finding out the reason for his current situation

I would say it comes in  best young adult book category and I totally recommend this book. My rating is 5 out of 5. I haven’t watched the movie yet but I am planing to watch it soon ( Emma Watson is playing Sam’s role 🙂 )

13 Reasons Why“No one knows for certain how much impact they have on the lives of other people.”

Suicide is a horrible subject where strong reasons are not required. Among teenagers its like a disease, one suicide can influence another (like in the novel,Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides). The person who is in the state of mind doesn’t need any strong reasons to die. But according to me dying needs more courage than living. Suicide is really a scary subject to read about, so I don’t recommend this book for young adults and week mined people.

Hannah Baker is a girl surrounded by admirers and some toxic people. Story starts off with a tape passing on to a boy named Clay, who used to know Hannah Baker from school. The tape contains 13 reasons why Hannah Baker killed herself. In the tapes she had mentioned the names of people who made her life tough and uneasy. Each person has a story within the tapes and it is your responsibility after you listen to the tapes to pass it onto the next person. I feel sorry for Hannah Baker but then the reasons she gives sometimes feels silly. But for people who want to commit suicide no reason is silly. Clay has had a crush on Hannah forever, but he never had the guts to really tell her. Now he never will! I don’t think Clay deserved this tape at all he had been nice to Hannah always. This is one unbelievable story of a teenage girl. A chilling, horrible tale of suicide.

Suspense filled novel teaches you never to speak bad about people and speared gossip. Who knows you may be the reason for spoiling their reputation and name. They may end up committing suicide, scary isn’t it?



The Liar of the white wormBeing a Bram Stoker’s Dracula fan how can I leave this book unread. But now I wish I could have just left it untouched. This was written one year before Stoker’s death. This is a weird book, With a strange set of characters that get involved in dangerous adventures and later talk about it as nothing happened at all. There is a total lack of feeling or emotion between the characters.

Adam Salton comes from Austria to meet his uncle where he finds strange pale, white lady- Arabella March, coldblooded monster dwelling in the bowls of earth. There are two lovely ladies who have some supernatural powers, to whom evil Edgar Caswall developes attraction for and ends up with hypnotic battles. In strange way animals are dying and children are getting bitten by something. Adam Salton discovers some white snake like monster who is responsible for this and developes passion for snake-killing mongooses.

This is a little strange book filled with all supernatural powers. I was expecting this book to be like Dracula but from the starting it was strange! But wanted to read it because Bram Stoker is the author. My rating is 1 out of 5.

the historianHistory was my favorite subject back in high school. But I couldn’t continue with it as I took up science my another passion, for higher studies. The book’s title being Historian and the concept being Count Dracula I could’t say no to it.

In this novel half of the story contains letters written by different people. I wanted to love this book so much, but some how I could’t!  Six hundred and fifty pages.. I can’t believe I read it I mean I really can’t believe that I read it. The concept was interesting but same time the story was boring too. Historian brings a new and old take on Dracula. It says that the Dracula was real and it is real Prince Vlad Tepes III, who even exists some where in far away place.  It made me read more and more about this particular person in wiki. Its about a book with a wooden Dragon inside it passing through people and Dracula choosing them for his works. Its a long journey with lots of suspense and twists. One good thing about this book is you will come to know a lot about history and wars. I did lot of research on net about these wars after reading the book.

Its a good read if you are ready to spend a lot of time on it. I am warning  because its quite lengthy read  and you will need to read extra information in between. My rating: 3 out of 5. It is a serious history mixed up with vampires. But I didn’t like the ending it was kind of easy ending for horror novel.