the summer i turned pretty

I love summer stories where holidays, love, break ups, flirting, romance, sorrow& happiness that makes it perfect especially  if it is story of teenagers. ”The Summer I turned Pretty” is a novel with lot of emotions. This is first book of ”Summer series”.

Belly lives for the Summer. To her, the months in between summer are nothing but passing time until the next summer starts. Summer is a time that everything happens. Isabel, better known as Belly, has spent every summer at Cousins beach since she was born with her mother, brother Stephen and  Susannah (her mother’s best friend), and her two sons: Conrad and Jeremiah. From the beginning she liked Conrad but he kept his emotions to himself by being silent guy. But  Jeremiah was friendly with her and liked her. But this summer is different she is not a small girl anymore. When Belly and her family come to Cousins beach, she notices that Conrad and Jeremiah don’t treat her as a little girl like they used to; they notice she’s become a young woman. But Conrad is the same, he doesn’t pay any attention to her. To make him jealous Belly goes out with another guy called Cam. But  Jeremiah confesses his love to her. It is really confusing for Belly to follow her heart now! Meanwhile there is something happening to Susannah which may effect everyone.

I heart wrenching story of summer, my ratings are 3 out of 5. Recommended to read only  if you like to read young adult novels.

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