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Veronika Decides to DiePeople never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves.” 

-Paulo Coelho, Veronika Decides to die.

God!I love his writing. When I read his books I transfer into another world. I can feel his books! I would like to read all his books. ”Veronika Decides to Die” has got simple story line but there are lots of lessons to learn.

The protagonist, a young woman named Veronika, attempts to kill herself because she just doesn’t see life getting any more interesting. She doesn’t succeed right away, and ends up in an insane asylum. Where she meets different people suffering fro different kind of mental problems. But slowly she realizes that all of them are not insane, but trying to act like one because they don’t want to go to the out side world where no one agrees with their ideas. She meets this boy who is  schizophrenic son of rich dad and a group of people pretending to be insane. Soon she realizes that there is not much time for her, she is dying soon. Instead of feeling happy she feels confused and sad. Now Veronika doesn’t want to die because she is in love with schizophrenic guy and more than anything she found a way to fall in love with her life.

World always doesn’t welcome new ideas. Some people are called out of their mind or insane for thinking out of the box.   It is very interesting concept. but I predicted the ending 🙂 So Paulo Coelho fans, if you haven’t read this yet, you are really missing a good book. So go ahead and treat yourself with this book.

Marked 01Marked is the first book in ”House of night” series written by P.C Cast and Kristen Cast (Mother & daughter). This is entirely different than all vampire novels,because of House of Night vampire school. The concept of school makes this book interesting.

Zoey Redbird is marked by vampire goddess Nyx. She has to join House of Night vampire school now, where she has to live and study while her body will undergo certain changes. If her body rejects the changes in turning into a vampire then she will die. But somehow Zoey is different, her mark is different than others. She has some powers like blood lust and control over 5 elements which is quite abnormal for 3rd former to have. And there is Aphrodite who is evil and selfish going to be leader who hates Zoey for her specialties. Like all stories there is a handsome vampire guy who likes Zoey, and not to forget her best friends who will help her through out all difficult situations.

Story is interesting, but can not count it as  horror novel. Its suitable for young adults, its another vampire novel for vampire lovers. My rating is 3 out of 5.

Sand Dollar, A Story of undying  love. It is truly a story of undying love! What an amazing book. I got this from author Sebastian Cole, I am really grateful. Fist I would like to thank Mr. Cole for giving this opportunity.

Sand Dollar

Sand Dollar

This is debut novel from this author! wish I could write novels like this. Noah Hartman has reached the end of his long and eventful life, and wants to tell the story of his undying love to someone. From there the story starts, story of Noah and Robin’s undying love. Noah meets his soul mate Robin one day. Robin is beautiful, young and lovely lady, but she has some secrets from past which she don’t want to share with Noah. One day suddenly she forgets how much she liked him and goes with someone else from past. Noah is totally shattered but he can’t forget Robin. What is this secret which is keeping Robin away from Noah?What will happen to Robin and Noah’s love story? What is that Dark secret?

This book made me laugh, cry and my  heart ache. I am glad that I read this book. If you are a fan of Romantic novels, then go ahead read this book.

Where-She-WentAdam’s Promise: If you stay, I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll quit the band; go with you to New York. But if you need me to go away, I’ll do that too. .. And that would suck, but I’ll do it. I can lose you like that, if I don’t lose you today. I’ll let you go. If you stay.

You will know who promised this to whom if you have read the first book in the ”If I stay series”.  Mia decided to stay back even though she lost all reasons to live,just because Adam requested her to hang on to her life. But in the second book ”Where She Went” she went away from Adam according to his promise he just let her go. Now Adam is a famous rock star, Mia is popular Cello player. Adam hates his celebrity life and not happy with so called famous new girl friend. One night when he thinks that his life is collapsed he meets Mia and his hopes returns. Will Mia and Adam get back? Why did Mia go away in the first place? Why Adam is not happy being famous and rich rock star?

I loved “If I Stay”. It was one of those books that made my heart ache. It moved me and made me cry. But second book is not what I expected.I admit to being a bit disappointed by the second book. My rating are: 2 out of 5.


the dark divineWerewolves and vampires are my favorite paranormal characters. ”The Dark divine” is first book in  ”The Dark divine series”. I loved the cover, its in my favorite combination, violet and black.

Studious and good girl Grace Divine, who reminds me of Jammy from Nicholas Spark’s ” A walk to remember” falls for bad boy Daniel. Who once was  her close friend and childhood crush. That was before he ran away mysteriously. But now that he is back from wherever he was, he joined the same art class Grace is in. Grace can’t keep her eyes away from him, that’s not the only one problem. Her parents and brother are not even allowing to mention his name at their house. Now that Daniel is back, there are many deaths and news of some strange monster. What is Daniel? Where was he? What happened that day between Daniel and Grace’s brother Jude when Daniel tried to run away and succeeded?

I liked it because here it has a touch of classic, because the process of werewolves is explained in different way, with reference to ancient books and letters.  My rating is 3 out of 5. If you are werewolf novel fan then go ahead,grab this book to read 🙂


I never posted about up comings books or new books in the market. But this time I couldn’t control myself. Khaled Hosseini’s new book ”And The Mountains Echoed” is releasing on 5/21/2013. I am so excited. I started dancing when I saw this news on his face book page 🙂 *** opan gangnam style***!

I loved his previous books, ”The Kite Runner” & ” Thousand splendid suns”. I have lot of expectations on this book. I can’t wait to read this book.


OMG OMG!  Look at the cover page 🙂 Who else is excited about  ” AND THE MOUNTAINS ECHOED”?


Callum&HarperAnother young adult story ”Callum and Harper”.  It is the story of young Callum and Harper, falling in love, misunderstanding, hiding the feelings, their struggle to get money as both are orphans.  It had all potential to be a great story but some thing was missing!

Callum and Harper meet each other when they are struggling to get a place to stay for one day, as most of the day they have to struggle getting places to stay as they are poor and orphans. They end up living in Callum’s friend’s place for few days and they start liking each other. They work very hard to earn the money to buy a place and live together. But Harper’s past is haunting her in the form of psycho lover from one of the  foster homes. Will they get what they want? Who is this psycho from Harper’s past?

A good love story with twist. My rating is 3 out of 5. It is the first book of Sleepless series. Second book is Thomas & January which I would like to read soon 🙂

The Picture of Dorian GrayI was attracted by the book title. It sounds like classics. But when I sat to read this I found it ridiculously boring. The story doesn’t start till 100 pages. It is very interesting story but the writing style makes it boring to read!

A beautiful yet naive young Dorian Gray poses for a portrait and silently wishes for his youth forever, but that is granted to him now. His portrait ages and takes all his sins and grows ugly but he looks the same. People are scared of him because he walks and sleeps with sins. Be careful what you wish for,especially when the picture doesn’t just age, but reflects your decisions and innermost desires. The book flowed seamlessly, except for those never-ending pages that list Dorian’s material collections, from beginning to end and his interest in learning new things from all over the world.

It could have been better if there were no boring stuff and never ending paragraphs which doesn’t take the story anywhere. My ratings are 2 out of 5. People who like classics can read this on their own risk. There are  movie adaptions : The Picture of  Dorian Gray (1945) and Dorian Gray (2009). I would like to watch the movie sometime.

the summer i turned pretty

I love summer stories where holidays, love, break ups, flirting, romance, sorrow& happiness that makes it perfect especially  if it is story of teenagers. ”The Summer I turned Pretty” is a novel with lot of emotions. This is first book of ”Summer series”.

Belly lives for the Summer. To her, the months in between summer are nothing but passing time until the next summer starts. Summer is a time that everything happens. Isabel, better known as Belly, has spent every summer at Cousins beach since she was born with her mother, brother Stephen and  Susannah (her mother’s best friend), and her two sons: Conrad and Jeremiah. From the beginning she liked Conrad but he kept his emotions to himself by being silent guy. But  Jeremiah was friendly with her and liked her. But this summer is different she is not a small girl anymore. When Belly and her family come to Cousins beach, she notices that Conrad and Jeremiah don’t treat her as a little girl like they used to; they notice she’s become a young woman. But Conrad is the same, he doesn’t pay any attention to her. To make him jealous Belly goes out with another guy called Cam. But  Jeremiah confesses his love to her. It is really confusing for Belly to follow her heart now! Meanwhile there is something happening to Susannah which may effect everyone.

I heart wrenching story of summer, my ratings are 3 out of 5. Recommended to read only  if you like to read young adult novels.

Bared To You

Bared To You

As soon as I started reading this book, I was sure it is just like ”Fifty shades of Grey”. I didn’t like that book, so was hesitating to continue reading this, but finally here I am writing the review! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate romance, I like to read romance where emotional and physical feelings are included. I am not being old type here but I can’t read a entire book where there is no story but only sex.

Just like ”Fifty shades of Grey” here the hero is rich and dominating, but heroine is rich too but she is better than fifty shades heroine, here at least she tries to go against the dominating hero sometimes. Gideon Cross is rich man who owns apartments  gyms, offices, restaurants and what not? Eva is new to New York trying to forget the bitter past, meets him in one of his office buildings where she is working for someone else. Some how they can’t keep their hands under control when they are with together makes it real hard for them to avoid each other. Eva tries to keep her distance after she finds out that he doesn’t want her in relationship, but to sleep with her.But she fails and falls for him. Gideon Cross has his bitter share of past too, because of which he is what he is now, dominating! This novel ends in half way just like the ”Fifty shades” did. Other characters  don’t have much importance.

I think this book is better compared to fifty shades because there are no submissive rules mentioned hundred times 🙂

Similarity between ”Fifty Shades of Grey” and ” Bared To You” :

  • Gideon Cross is rich and dominating as Christian Grey
  • Eva is in love as much as Ana
  • Both has bitter abusive past in common
  • Lot of sex
  • Gideon Cross & Christian Grey both doesn’t have any other work, other than stalking their girl friends

Don’t know why I read, may be I should just forget that I have ever read a book like this. But my rating is 1 out of 5. Thought of giving 2 at the half way reading, but at the end of the book decided to give only 1.