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The Best Of MeAnother Nicholas Spark’s book, I always liked his novels. I believe he is a man with women’s heart!  very sentimental and soft heart indeed. I am his fan since the day I read his  ”The Last Song” , then I read many of his books like ” A walk to remember”, ”The Notebook”, ”Safe Heaven”.

”The Best Of Me” was  a little disappointing  even though I liked the story and characters, there was something missing in the book. It is story of Amanda and Dawson , in their middle age but  never moved on from their teenage love even though they think they have. After many years they are meeting unexpectedly for a funeral and everything comes back to them. Will Amanda suppress her feelings for him, because she is married and happy with her 3 kids? Will Dawson can control his affection when he is seeing his love of life? It is going to be really tough for both of them. Who will suffer when both falls in love once again?

It is usual Nicholas Spark book with little tragedy at the end! This is not spoiler, because if you are Nicholas Spark’s fan then you know what type of ending to expect! It is bitter sweet love story. But first time I gave 2 out of 5 for his book.

Nicole Richie wrote this book!  I read it in one day, doesn’t mean that it was that good, it was simple and fast going book. Who knew that Nicole Richie wrote a book? When I picked this book for reading, I didn’t expect much but it turned out to be a OK book  (only if you like lots of drama, melodrama I mean), you will find this book interesting if you are fascinated by the life of rich, celebrity kids.

It is a story about Nicole’s friend Chloe, who is a spoiled brat. She was adopted by a famous musician couples after they saw her dance when she was a child and fell in love with her. She has everything but she wants to get more fame. Like all other celebrity kids she wants to get into a TV show and get famous. She is a drug addict but her motives are not bad. She wants something more than rich, celebrity kid tag. Suddenly Chloe shoots to instant fame as a spokes model for a national ad campaign and slowly things changes around her. She is famous but really is that what she wanted? Who are her friends and enemies? Is it hard to differentiate them?

I gave 2 out of 5 to to this book. I wanted to give 3 but I couldn’t, this story is so predictable even a child can predict the ending. In good reads I saw this book listed under a group called-”Who Let These People Write A Book” 🙂

Some of the books I found in this group:

  • First step to forever by Justine Bieber
  • A shore thing by Snooki
  • Miles to go by Miley Cyrus
  • Confession of a Heiress by Paris Hilton

Anna dressed in blood”Anna Dresses in Blood”, I was thrilled when I read this name! It is a creepy name for a novel, but then horror novels should have something creepy  and scary about them 🙂

First time I read a novel about ghosts and I totally liked it, no I loved it. I don’t know how to describe the feeling, I got chills all over my body while reading it. Have you ever felt hair rise on the back of your neck when you listen some noise in empty house? Or did you ever felt that there is somebody looking at you or standing beside you when you are alone at room? In my childhood I have heard many stories about some haunted places or houses ( may be that is the reason why I am scared to be alone at nights 🙂 )

Among the ghost stories I have heard from my childhood I can relate many stories to this novel. One story goes like this-  There was a lady,every night who waited for taxi in a place where there were less vehicles and people at mid night. Poor taxi driver will stop when he sees this lady, feeling pity for her, he will give a ride to destined place. This  beautiful lady will start talking, taxi driver attracted to her beauty will keep talking too. But after certain time she will stop talking, when the driver will turn back or look at her face in mirror he will find a ugly, bleeding, scary face instead of beautiful face. Then next day people will find this taxi driver lying near some bush or tree, dead! That used to happen to every taxi driver who stopped for that lady. I was very scared after listening to this story for many months.

Now about this novel, Theseus Cassio kills ghosts. Not just any ghosts,only the ghosts that harm other people. Like I said in my story. He inherited this ability from his father who died mysteriously when Cas was seven. But he knows who killed his dad! After 10 years Cas comes to Thunder Bay, Ontario, with his mom in search of a ghost called Anna dressed in blood. Anna, as a young lady, who was murdered in 1958 and now she haunts the house in which she lived and kills everyone who dares to enter. But when Cas goes there she doesn’t do anything to him. Instead of killing her he is fascinated by her! It seems like for some reason she can’t harm him. But he has to face something which was waiting for him from a long time other than killing Anna. What is this problem? Will he kill Anna or start liking her? Will his mom and his friends will accept the fact that he is in love with a ghost? There is somebody killing out there other than Anna who is that?

This book is well written, spooky and scary. I wanted to give 5 starts then I felt in some places its slow so I ended up giving 4 instead.

LeahThere are many good books available online by authors for free. Leah is one of such free books, I read it 2 years back. I almost forgot about this book, it is a good  and simple young adult story about a teenage girl called Leah.

 Leah is a fourteen-year-old girl who doesn’t quite know how to deal with the social aspect of the world. She is very shy, it is not natural, she is extremely shy. Her social life is very week and because of that even her personal life is getting effected. She is not like other teenage girls, who likes shopping, outing and dating. She doesn’t have any friends and spends most of her time reading books. Her parents try to get her out of her shell but fails to do so, even casually talking to people is not easy for Leah. She has a secret crush on David Parks, a guy from her history class. Leah is tongue-tied around him but she likes him deeply. Will she come out of her shyness to talk to this guy? Why is she so shy? What will happen with Leah? You will have to read and see that! because if you are thinking that you know the ending you are wrong 🙂

I felt very bad for Leah. Have you ever been in a situation in which you have been uncomfortable and felt that some task is impossible whatever you do, just because you are too shy to do that? First I felt it very weird because a person feeling shy to talk even in school that is something strange, but later I understood the problem. Yes some people really have that problem!