If I StayI found it difficult to rate this book, well this book made me cry and sad, but hard to rate it. I don’t know if I just liked it or found it very good. It’s kind of hard to review a book when you don’t know what you exactly feel about it.

Mia is happy with her family, she has a boyfriend loving parents and lovely brother. She has an amazing talent of Cello and her boyfriend is one of the members of famous rock band. But her life goes upside down after an accident. Her mom and dad are gone, brother is half concision and is at the edge of death. But Mia watches people but nobody can see her or feel her. She sees her own body lying in ICU in coma. Now everything is changed, happiness is taken from her. She has to decide what she wants, whether she wants to live or go along with her parents.

This book reminds me of book ”Stalking Shadows” by SA Hunter. I wanted to give this book 4 out of 5 but some how I could’t,  here characters were so flat and readers won’t get emotionally attached with the characters because they were not introduced properly. But still it is a good book to read, my ratings are 3 out of 5.


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