Blood and Chocolate”Blood and chocolate”, when I saw the title, I thought it must be some vampire novel. I was imagining a vampire girl who likes to eat chocolate and it’s about her drinking blood mixed with chocolate! how gross! ( see I can think all possible paranormal stories now after reading so much about supernaturals 🙂 ) But this book is about werewolves.

Vivian is a werewolf, lives with her mom in a city where her pack members stay. She wants to forget what happened to her dad in the fire and she also wants to forget who was the reason for that. ”The five” are 5 male werewolves, her childhood friends and now they see her as a potential mate. But she knows what they are like and their blood lust which caused danger to their pack before. At sixteen she is beautiful and strong, wants to lead a normal life. But how can a wolf have a normal life of humans? She falls for a guy Aiden, who wrote a poem about wolves and believes in all sort of magic and myths.There is a thin chance that he can accept Vivian. But after her dad’s death pack is suffering without a leader and Gabriel, a strong werewolf fights for it and wins the Alpha position. But unfortunately Vivian fights too without knowing, just to save her mom and now she is accepted as Alpha’s mate! Where it will take her? Will Aiden accept her love after knowing what she is? Will Gabriel let her go from pack just like that?  Will ”The Five” will keep quite?

It is a good story, different from normal werewolf stories, when the murders takes place in city we can see suspense building till the end of the book. I kinda like Gabriel even though I hated him at the starting. I watched the movie by the same name, as soon as I read the book. Why can’t they make movies as good as books? I mean atleast they can try to use the same story! Movie was completely different than the book. Only similarities were the names and the character. I hate to admit that I was bored to watch a movie where werewolves were involved. Book is way better than the movie.

  1. This book sounds nothing like what I thought it was about. I was already aware that it was about werewolves, but I thought it was about werewolves who had a chocolate factory for some reason. I think I might read this book for myself. 🙂

    • Deepika says:

      Chocolate factory! why didn’t I think about it 🙂 Book is not that bad if you like werewolf stories.But movie is waste of time.

  2. TBM says:

    I’ve often wondered why movie adaptations fail so miserably.

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