Existence by Abbi Glines”What happens when you’re stalked by Death? You fall in love with him, of course”

The moment I read the plot idea, I wanted to read this book. There was something different in the concept as I read through the covers. ”Falling in love with death” what kind of person can do that? Exactly! but here Pegan does that. Of course if death is as hot as the person in the front cover page, then I am sure most of the girls will fall for death 🙂

Pegan is not normal, since her childhood she can see souls of the dead people wandering around and following her, if she looks at them. But she learned to ignore them, that’s how she kept them away. One fine day she meets a soul, who can talk to her, that never happened before. He can talk, he can sing to her at nights but he can’t reveal who is he. By this time she falls  for Mr. Popular, Leif and tries to forget all paranormal craziness. But one day this talking soul joins to school and everybody got convinced that he is a famous band guy Dank. From there story takes many twists, some stalker soul is trying to get to Pegan, but Dank keeps that soul away. Pegan realizes  that she is in love with Dank, but both Pegan and dank are dating someone else. Who is this Dank? How can he turn into a soul as well as come in human form? What will happen to Pegan and Leif’s love life? Will she express her love to dank?

Pegan could have been less dramatic, she should have stopped dating Leif  if she was in love with Dank. I liked Gee’s character she is loud but funny and she is completely different than what we expect her to be.  This book is good with a new concept and my ratings are 4 out of 5. But I hate it when a book ends by revealing a  unexpected suspense, now I have to read the sequel soon.


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