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It had been a busy week, new job, lots of travelling to reach office and come back home and a long ride with fun camping at Musandam Peninsula on Thursday and Friday due to Eid holidays! Didn’t get time to even touch a book 😦  But I have to review a lot of books, which are long back read and waiting to be reviewed.
Books can be disappointing.  You expect so much and when you start reading you cant wait to quit reading is what I call dissapointment in case of books. I faced it when I read Interview with the Vampire by Anna Rice.I picked this book because it is well known Vampire series and had good ratings. I was excited to see 10 books in the Vampire chronicle series, but when I finished reading the first book I was wondering what can be there in 9 more books! Slow moving stories are not my type, may be it is a good book but I found it less interesting.

It is bit hard to review because it is a  milestone in fantasy genre but development of characters are very poor. I was waiting  for something exciting to come but nothing happened till the end. There is a vampire giving an interview to a mortal “boy”, telling his life story, about his life before he turned into a vampire and after he turned into a vampire. Throughout the life he struggled to understand the meaning of  life but failed to do so till the end. You may ask me why he is giving this interview, I am clueless why this boy sat all night listening to this vampire’s boring life history! This vampire called Louis is the narrator here, he tells the boy how he was turned into a vampire  by a jerk called Lestat ( who continued to be a jerk till the end, I think the second book is about him, may be he gives his interview 🙂 ) There is a mortal child turned into vampire by Lestat and she is destined to stay young forever, this two doesn’t like Lestat ( remember he is a jerk 🙂 ) and wants to get their freedom and find more of their kind. 

This is the first vampire book I finished reading with sheer determination rather than enjoyment. I prefer romantic, kissing vampires who fall in love with human or witch, than boring, jerkfaced vampires. My rating is 1 out of 5. 


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The white tiger”For this land, India, has never been free, First the Muslims, then the British bossed us around. In 1947 the British left, but only a moron would think that we became free then”.

– Aravind Adiga ( The white Tiger)

Oh! exactly what I have been thinking from many years. I just loved this sentence, it made perfect sense to me. I should warn my all   patriotic Indian brothers and sisters that this book is India bashing, if you are the type who get angry on even small criticism on your country then please do not read this book.

The moment I started reading this book I knew it is going to be a great read and when I reached 10th page I was sure I was going to rate it 5 out of 5. There are no words to say how much I liked this book, because when I read I could easily recognize these people and understand their emotions. When I said this book bashes India, it doesn’t say anything which is not true. A honest reader will not dispute at the picturisation of India given in this book.

This is a story of Balram Halwai who grew up in darkness( rural India) where he was victim of all social problems like Dowry, Cast system, corruption, child labor etc. But when he goes to city as every adult do, to earn money he finds drivers job at Delhi with the landlord’s Westernized son, Mr. Ashok, and his modern wife, Pinky. But this story starts by a letter written by Balram to Chines premier Wen Jiabao, who is about to visit India and complete book is in the form of letters he write after that. Through these letters Balram shares his childhood life and adult life as a driver and  a crime that enabled him to move to Bangalore and set himself up as an entrepreneur and made him rich person. This is  first-person confession of a murderer.You may think it is some crazy psycho telling his murder story, no it is different.You will know it when you read it. It won  Man Booker Prize and I think it deserves it.

Some of my favorite quotes:

  1. “The moment you recognize what is beautiful in this world, you stop being a slave”
  2.  ”See, the poor dream all their lives of getting enough to eat and looking like the rich. And what do the rich dream of??  Losing weight and looking like the poor.”
  3. ”It’s amazing. The moment you show cash, everyone knows your language.”
  4. ”Iqbal, that great poet, was so right. The moment you recognize what is beautiful in this world, you stop being a slave. To hell with the Naxals and their guns shipped from China. If you taught every poor boy how to paint, that would be the end of the rich in India.”

This is Aravind Adiga’s debut novel, he wrote 2 more books,  Last Man in Tower and Between the Assassinations which I am definitely going to read 🙂

Bite me ”Bite Me” is the 3rd and final book in ”A Love story” series by Christopher Moore. From the first book I was hooked to this vampire love story, it is not exactly a love story, it is mixed with all feelings. You can say more than romance it is fun and humorous. “Bite Me” is action packed and filled with laughs, its 50% vampire and 50% comedy.

Good news for people who liked Abby from the second book ”You Suck”, because Abby is the one who narrated most of this story 🙂 There is a huge shaved vampire cat stalking people, with his army of vampire cats. Jody and Tommy are bronzed by Abby as she misunderstood heir concept of staying together. Plot of this story is wacky as the characters but what to say, I liked the way of writing. There is an ancient vampire army coming to take care of vampire cats, not only cats they want to erase everyone who knows more about vampires. So everyone’s life is in danger. What happens next is unexpected twist.

Abby rocks 🙂 she is the star of this book and she has got a boyfriend too! And thanks to her for a new swearword Fucksocks! It is a good time pass book, a different vampire novel. My ratings are 3 out of 5.

If I StayI found it difficult to rate this book, well this book made me cry and sad, but hard to rate it. I don’t know if I just liked it or found it very good. It’s kind of hard to review a book when you don’t know what you exactly feel about it.

Mia is happy with her family, she has a boyfriend loving parents and lovely brother. She has an amazing talent of Cello and her boyfriend is one of the members of famous rock band. But her life goes upside down after an accident. Her mom and dad are gone, brother is half concision and is at the edge of death. But Mia watches people but nobody can see her or feel her. She sees her own body lying in ICU in coma. Now everything is changed, happiness is taken from her. She has to decide what she wants, whether she wants to live or go along with her parents.

This book reminds me of book ”Stalking Shadows” by SA Hunter. I wanted to give this book 4 out of 5 but some how I could’t,  here characters were so flat and readers won’t get emotionally attached with the characters because they were not introduced properly. But still it is a good book to read, my ratings are 3 out of 5.

I have been reading a lot lately, as I have plenty of time I don’t know what else to do. It feels good to sit with a book and get lost in another world. I read few remarkable books recently like- ”Before I Go To Sleep” and ”Anna Dressed In Blood” and my reaction was exactly like  the image below which I found in some other blog ( sorry I forgot the name!)

I have been thinking of writing a novel and when I read damn good debut novels like ”Before I Go To Sleep”  my reaction is this. I don’t know anyone can write that great in their first attempt.

Why not meThink I will have to work hard! Its not that easy as reading.

Blood and Chocolate”Blood and chocolate”, when I saw the title, I thought it must be some vampire novel. I was imagining a vampire girl who likes to eat chocolate and it’s about her drinking blood mixed with chocolate! how gross! ( see I can think all possible paranormal stories now after reading so much about supernaturals 🙂 ) But this book is about werewolves.

Vivian is a werewolf, lives with her mom in a city where her pack members stay. She wants to forget what happened to her dad in the fire and she also wants to forget who was the reason for that. ”The five” are 5 male werewolves, her childhood friends and now they see her as a potential mate. But she knows what they are like and their blood lust which caused danger to their pack before. At sixteen she is beautiful and strong, wants to lead a normal life. But how can a wolf have a normal life of humans? She falls for a guy Aiden, who wrote a poem about wolves and believes in all sort of magic and myths.There is a thin chance that he can accept Vivian. But after her dad’s death pack is suffering without a leader and Gabriel, a strong werewolf fights for it and wins the Alpha position. But unfortunately Vivian fights too without knowing, just to save her mom and now she is accepted as Alpha’s mate! Where it will take her? Will Aiden accept her love after knowing what she is? Will Gabriel let her go from pack just like that?  Will ”The Five” will keep quite?

It is a good story, different from normal werewolf stories, when the murders takes place in city we can see suspense building till the end of the book. I kinda like Gabriel even though I hated him at the starting. I watched the movie by the same name, as soon as I read the book. Why can’t they make movies as good as books? I mean atleast they can try to use the same story! Movie was completely different than the book. Only similarities were the names and the character. I hate to admit that I was bored to watch a movie where werewolves were involved. Book is way better than the movie.

Rules of attractionI don’t think anyone can forget lovely couple  Alex and Brittany from ”Perfect chemistry” if they have read the book. Their undying love is not easy to forget. ”Rules of Attraction” is sequel to ”Perfect chemistry” it is second book in Perfect chemistry series.

After Alex’s mess cleared back with his Latino blood gang people he is now living quite a peaceful life going to college, working in some automobile shop, happy with Britanny. His younger brother Carlos is back to America after living in Mexico for a year. He had created his own mess there with gang people which his family was not aware of. He is the same stubborn person now, just like how Alex was a year before. He hates the idea of Britanny and Alex together because he thinks she is ruling him and his brother is not his brother anymore.Carlos wants to annoy his brother by insulting Kiara Westford from school who was helping him to get to know the school better as requested by Alex.Carlos gets arrested when police finds drugs in his locker and Mr. Westford and Alex takes the responsibility to change his attitude and Carlos starts living with Mr. Westford’ s, next to Kiara. They both just can’t be together under one roof, but after getting to know each other they kinda start liking each other but both refuses to admit the fact. Carlos is busy finding the person responsible for keeping drugs in his locker, and when he comes to know who is the person he is already involved in so many things he should’t have.

It is a good young adult novel, same as the first one There is another book, sequel to this one- ”Chain reaction”. It’s about their younger brother Louis, seems like falling in love is in their family. If you liked the first book then I am sure you will like the second one too.

Born at MidnightKylie Galen is facing very bad phase in her life. Her parents are getting separated, she thinks no one seems to care about her and want her anymore. Her mom is Queen of Ice who is so cool about her divorce, dad is not even saying anything, her best friend is acting all different hanging around with boys and drinking in parties. But wait, this is not weird at all, because weirdest of weird is that she can see a ghost now! Yes, a ghost which looks like it is directly out from some Hollywood war movie in armors.

One night Kylie Galen gets arrested with people from party, even though she didn’t even touch beer and came clean through all the testes but her mother doesn’t believe her. She was sent for a camp for troubled kids, and it is called Shadow Falls. What a creepy name isn’t it. It seems they are not troubled but they are supernatural kids! There are vampires, werewolves, witches, fairies and what not? But nobody can tell who is she, where she belongs to. She can’t even fit with ghost whisperers, because there is something more in her. Her life gets more complicated around two guys, Lucas  ( hot werewolf) and Derek ( a handsome half fairy) when she is getting to know herself a little some unexpected things happens. What is she? Who is this ghost who seems to follow her everywhere? If you want to solve this mystery then you will have to read the book.

If you are a fan of supernatural novels, then you will definitely like it. All  possible supernatural characters are mixed in this book. Their life style, food and culture are mentioned in this book  makes it worth reading. I have seen a lot of reviews hating this book, but why can’t we try reading something new when everything is about same old human vampire love stories.

by the river piedra i sat down and wept“Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering.”

– Paulo Coelho, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

Paulo Coelho’s books  never fails to inspire me. I wonder how anyone can get such great philosophical thoughts. It’s not the matter of one book, whichever books I have read till now ( The Alchemist, The witch of Portobello and Brida) all are excellent.

 ”By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept” is a wonderful and enlightening love story. Its a confusion of young couple to choose the path of love. According to me love is always difficult, but when you destined to love someone, you will get what you want. Its the story of Pilar, a girl who is frustrated in her life with same useless things going. When a childhood friend contacts her, she is surprised to learn that her former playmate is now a charismatic spiritual leader, someone revered as a miracle worker. They were always in touch through letters, Pilar always thought about him. When he invites her to one of his speech sessions she is confused and proud about his abilities. She gets more confused when he says she was always and is always his great love of life. But Pilar wants to see what awaits her other than usual life and agrees to go with him on a vacation for a week. There Pilar gradually comes to realize that the man she loves is being called upon to choose between her and his spiritual calling. Whom he will choose? Will she accept his love if he chooses her?

Beautiful will be the right word for this novel. If you are a fan of Paulo Coelho then you will definitely like it.  For People who didn’t read his books this will be the best chance to explore his writing. But I think nothing can beat ”The Alchemist” 🙂 My ratings for ”By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept”- 4 out of 5.