Breaking DawnFinally here I am reviewing Breaking Dawn, the 4th and the last book in the ”Twilight” series. Look at me! I never thought I would read ”Twilight” series, for my surprise I started liking it. If you are looking forward for Bella in action here you get a chance. She is all different here, yes she is going to be a vampire. The decision was long made when Volturi saw her and warned her. Now that she is ready to marry Edward it is not that hard. But what will be their story after marriage? You won’t miss to read how Bella is getting ready to deliver a baby? Yes! she is pregnant with the vampire kid! Now I won’t say anything more than this. I would like to say one thing here that Jacob finally gets his mate 🙂 I am happy for him. But why are the Volturi’s coming to fight against Cullens? What wrong did they do? I don’t think any book from ”Twilight” series can end with out a war. So be ready for all 🙂

Next comes few points, which are partially spoilers, so people who didn’t read the book yet,please don’t read my opinion here:

  1. I wonder how Bella’s parents allowed her to marry(she is just 18 )  that weirdo. ( That’s what atleast Charlie thought about Edward )
  2.  Vampire baby, lovely! But super fast growing baby is really creepy.
  3. Jacob is hopeless, wanting to imprint a baby!
  4. Edward is furious and impatient god knows for how many times in whole book.
  5. Renesmee is growing so fast, at this rate she can marry Jacob with in 5-6 months after her birth.
  6. When I read about rib breaking baby in Bella’s stomach I was all Ew Ew Ew Ew..

If I keep listing it I think I need a whole day. Now that she is vampire I hope that  Bella tries to show little expression in her face atleast in Breaking Dawn movie.

Edward, Bella and Renesmee

  1. I remember reading this book when it first came out! Unfortunately, I don’t remember most of what I read (so your spoilers actually kind of helped me out a bit), just that I did enjoy it. As for the things that don’t make sense in the book in regards to their marriage…well, I think her parents never really treated her much like the average parent treats their child. I think they’ve kind of seen her as a bit of an adult throughout the whole series and never figured out stuff like “I should say something about my child being married so young.”

  2. Nicole P. says:

    When I first read “Breaking Dawn,” I didn’t care for the narrative where it opens in Bella’s POV, switches to Jacob, and then back to Bella. After reading it a second time, I like that approach though I don’t entirely love it. I do think Bella’s parents get waved off to the side and I always thought Charlie took the whole vampire-werewolf/shape shifter elements a little too easily. Even Bella, to her credit, initially showed more suspicion. I also thought the Volturi confrontation was a bit too drawn out and anticlimactic. I had a hard time believing such a simple revelation (I won’t post it here so I won’t spoil anyone) would be enough to make them change their minds. My last gripe was that it seemed Meyer was a little too safe with her characters. It’s hard to kill off any character, especially someone you as a writer might have loved. But I felt she could have raised the danger level by putting her characters more at risk. Even J. K. Rowling kills off some high-profile characters throughout the “Harry Potter” series, which is directed at an even younger age base than “Twilight.” That being said, I like “Breaking Dawn” as the best out of the series. Despite its flaws, some of which you pointed out, it still kept me entertained. Happy to see you read the whole series. Thanks for your reviews! 🙂

    • Deepika says:

      Yes! true.. Charlie took the whole vampire-werewolf/shape shifter elements a little too easily.. Author made it happy ever after for the characters,there could have been a lot more danger before happy ending.

  3. i am like totally into Twilight for awhile that i bought all the books…your take on this is exactly what i had in mind too!! *laughs* That imprinting on the baby thing is just…out of this world weird honestly… 😀

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