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Kiss and Tell ”Kiss and Tell” is an attractive name for a novel. Anyone can guess what is it about. Romance, kiss, love that’s what crossed my mind when I took this for reading. Any romantic novel will have the same plot, a tall, sexy man falls for young attractive lady,with little romance and emotion story will end. But ”Kiss and Tell” is different, here politics is mixed in the story to give unexpected twists.

Janaki is a strong character, that’s what sets the book apart from other love stories. This brandy-eyed political correspondent for the ‘Indian Mail’ lives alone. Her carrier is full of adventures, she is ready to take even risky assignments. She’s been hanging in her relationship with the infantile Saurabh, who has a penchant for pot and is irresponsible. But everything changes when she meets Vishnu Singh in Chennai,the blue eyed bureaucrat for an assignment. Janaki can’t take her eyes off this man’s dimpled face and he can’t take eyes off her. When Janaki initiates kissing they can’t stop it. The affair blossoms once Vishnu’s new job as private secretary to commerce minister Purushottamam brings him to Delhi. In between their love making sessions she is busy flirting with a politician Uday Pratap Singh, who gives her some documents related to scam by Vishnu’s boss. But Vishnu keeps meeting his ex girl friend who is married and has troubles in her life, that’s what made Janaki to flirt with this Uday Pratap Singh, as a revenge on Vishnu.What will happen when Janaki brings Vishnu’s boss’s scam to light? Will he loose his job and break up with her? Who is this Uday Pratap Singh between Vishnu and Janaki? What will happen to her ex boy friend?

A lovely tale of politics, love and desires, it’s a good time pass read if you are in a mood to read something new.

Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice may be one of the most famous couple from literature, may be next to Romeo Juliet for the people who have read Pride and Prejudice. Who don’t like Mr. Darcy?  Pride and Prejudice ended with the happy note, by  Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy realizing that they love each other and discussing about marriage.

Mr. Darcy Vampyre by  Amanda Grange starts from exactly where the Pride and Prejudice ended, their wedding is about to happen. Elizabeth thinks that she is the happiest woman on the world, until she sees the real Darcy. Darcy has a dark secret who knew?  When her husband takes her to Italy instead of planned tour to Lake District  she feels something is wrong. From there their unexpected tour to Rome, Paris, Switzerland starts she almost felt his changing mood. One thing she is trying to know is why he didn’t touch her till now? Didn’t he love her? If yes then what is keeping him away from her? Why everyone seems to keep a secret from her?

I liked the way it started, It was like real sequel to the epic book Pride and Prejudice. But later it started loosing its reality little by little. I enjoyed reading things about their tour and the old Count’s castle but I felt there should have been little more importance to the fact that Darcy was a Vampyre. There is nothing called horror here, it’s just a novel with a dark secret. I was expecting a lot but got very less from this book. I should say here about the ending with out giving away any story, that the ending was childish. I never expected such ending for a book which had the characters from Pride and Prejudice. Anyways if you want to read for entertainment and time pass this book is suitable. Romance and Irony (sarcasm) is missing from this book when you compare this to the original pride and prejudice. My ratings are 2 out of 5. Someday I am thinking of  reading Pride and Prejudice and zombies, I am scared to read because I don’t want to spoil what I already think about Pride and Prejudice now, by adding all monsters in it.

Beautiful DisasterBeautiful disaster is a well written novel, while some sites do refer to this title as a young adult novel, McGuire clearly states that it’s a contemporary romance for audiences 17+ years and older. I understood the reason after reading the book.

Abby is trying to run from her past, where she was known to everyone. She came to a new place for start over with her best friend America.Where she meets this bad boy character Travis, the very character she avoided to include in her future.  Travis’ cousin, Shepley, is dating Abby’s best friend America. Once they meet it is obvious that they like each other but because of Travis’ reputation Abby is obviously guarded around him and the whole ‘bad boy’ thing is exactly what she does not want to get into.But when they became friends they could’t stay away from each other. Even though they kept calling it friendship there was always confusion and possessiveness in their relationship. Travis is a fighter in fight club which very well suits to his bad boy character. Travis finds Abby special but can he keep up to her when he is a play boy and already slept with most of the girls from school? Will Abby accept something which she was really running from? What will happen to their relationship?

Travis is the sexiest, bad boy happens to totally messed up in his life. He is crazy hot, womanizer that makes him the person every girl will probably will stay away from and dislike. But when I read the book I had the opposite effect 🙂

It is a wonderful story, you may think you already know this story but believe me its different than what you read till now. I saw most of them in goodreads rating this book 5 out of 5 so I wanted to read it and see it myself. My ratings are 3 out of 5.

That summer by Sarah Dessen My second Sarah Dessen’s novel ”That summer”, first was ”Lock and key”. I have been reading a lot of YA lately, kind of taking a break from supernatural novels. 

That summer is about 15 year old Heaven and her life changing summer. She has many things going on in her life that summer. Her dad is getting married again, her sister is getting married to her new boyfriend, her mother is planing for Europe tour leaving her behind. It is too much to handle at once. Heaven always thought that her sister’s ex boyfriend Sumner was the best among all guys, her sister dated till now, because when he was there their family was in good terms, everyone was happy and laughing when he was around. This summer she meets Sumner and thinks that he can get back her life into shape. Can Heaven get her happiness back? Will this summer change her life or teach her a lesson?  It is all about Heaven’s life in that summer.

A couple of intriguing characters are introduced but never really developed

1) Gwendolyn, the town’s celebrity, who became a model, and turns up back in town one day looking washed up. Heaven kept comparing herself with this model. Even though there are no striking similarities.

2)Casey, Haven’s rebellious best friend who experiments with smoking and dreams of running off with a boy she met at 4-H camp. She was very lively because all other characters seemed little dull to me.

I noticed something similar in both the books I have read by Sarah Dessen, both are about a young teenage girl who wants to find happiness in her life. Like she is beaten up by bad family problems. Its an average time pass book I found little dry and dull. My ratings are- 2 out of 5

A Christmas CarolI have heard a lot about A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, I wanted to read and see it myself. A Christmas Carol is one of the great works of English literature, and it is well known throughout the world.This is such a classic tale, more than a story it is a lesson that everyone should learn.

Scrooge is a selfish and rude man who don’t believe in charity and hates Christmas. But when he meets his old long dead partner and 3 ghosts his view about everything changes. Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Yet to Come will teach him a lesson which is important for everyone. I believe even a person who belongs to other religion can  read this book. The message is very strong and essential part of life. When you learn to help others you will find your life complete and fulfilling.

Breaking DawnFinally here I am reviewing Breaking Dawn, the 4th and the last book in the ”Twilight” series. Look at me! I never thought I would read ”Twilight” series, for my surprise I started liking it. If you are looking forward for Bella in action here you get a chance. She is all different here, yes she is going to be a vampire. The decision was long made when Volturi saw her and warned her. Now that she is ready to marry Edward it is not that hard. But what will be their story after marriage? You won’t miss to read how Bella is getting ready to deliver a baby? Yes! she is pregnant with the vampire kid! Now I won’t say anything more than this. I would like to say one thing here that Jacob finally gets his mate 🙂 I am happy for him. But why are the Volturi’s coming to fight against Cullens? What wrong did they do? I don’t think any book from ”Twilight” series can end with out a war. So be ready for all 🙂

Next comes few points, which are partially spoilers, so people who didn’t read the book yet,please don’t read my opinion here:

  1. I wonder how Bella’s parents allowed her to marry(she is just 18 )  that weirdo. ( That’s what atleast Charlie thought about Edward )
  2.  Vampire baby, lovely! But super fast growing baby is really creepy.
  3. Jacob is hopeless, wanting to imprint a baby!
  4. Edward is furious and impatient god knows for how many times in whole book.
  5. Renesmee is growing so fast, at this rate she can marry Jacob with in 5-6 months after her birth.
  6. When I read about rib breaking baby in Bella’s stomach I was all Ew Ew Ew Ew..

If I keep listing it I think I need a whole day. Now that she is vampire I hope that  Bella tries to show little expression in her face atleast in Breaking Dawn movie.

Edward, Bella and Renesmee

Easy”Easy” quite a rare name for an young adult novel. That different name made me pick this book for reading. After reading this story, I had to ask myself, why have I never read a Tammara Webber story before. I have not read her books because I have not heard about this author before! I was checking some random book blogs and got attracted to the title 🙂

”Easy” starts with a sudden serious environment where Jacqueline is assaulted by her ex’s frat brother in a parking lot but fails to do so because she was saved by a stranger. This incident is a shock to her, right after the end of a 3 year relationship with her boyfriend. She notices this stranger who saved her life is Lucas and he is  in her class too, and feels that he is unavoidable. But there is someone besides Lucas who is as unavoidable as him, her tutor, Landon. Landon and her contact is only through e mails and she had never met him.But after Buck’s failed attempt in raping Jacqueline, Buck is back again stalking her. Who is Lucas? Who is Landon? Will buck succeed in his evil attempts? Will Jacqueline will find her love?

Story line is very simple but I like the way it is written. There is a message in it, that assaulting is not to be neglected it should be severely punished. Girls should learn self defense techniques to deal with such situations.When such things happens instead of blaming a girl, punish the guy. It is a wonderful combination of romance, emotions and lessons suitable for young adults.

Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys by Kate Brian ”Forget evil, laughing, little monsters. These guys have been touched by the Abercrombie gods. They are a blur of toned, suntanned perfection”- Megan Mead’s observation # 2

Imagine yourself living with  seven boys under the same roof! Megan had no choice but to shift to her father’s friend’s place to live when her parents moved to Korea. There is lot to learn about boys when she is never been kissed in her life. How will she adjust? What are the problems she will face? How will these boys behave with her? Who will be her love? you will get answers for all these questions at the end of the book.

It’s been a long time that I read YA books, I have been reading supernatural YA but couldn’t find a normal teenager’s college life story kind of book. This is exactly what I wanted, humorous, funny and emotional story. If you just want to pass the time and relax a bit this is a good book to choose.

Who will cry when you dieLife is always full of up and downs, every turn is different from the previous one. Life will have value when we live it fully by knowing the value of life, I totally believe in it. Self help books are not my choice, according to me nobody can teach you how to live your life but a little guidance is not bad 🙂

I have read couple of self help books in my childhood, ( mostly for interesting stories in it) my mom is a big fan of inspirational books. I have read- ”Badukalu Kaliyiri ( Part 1 and 2 ) by Swami Jagadatmananda and Vijayakke 5 ne mattu 6 ne mettilu by Yendamuri Veerendranath both are in my regional language Kannada. I have enjoyed reading stories with innner meaning hidden in it. According to whatever is told in the form of stories or examples will remain in our memories forever, life lessons in the form of stories makes it interesting read.

”Who will cry when you die?” is about how to lead a good life, everything is mentioned in the form of list rather than stories. But here I observed a fact that whatever was mentioned in this book was what exactly I did or was doing in my life ( except wake up at 5 concept :)) According to me it is not life enlightening read but if you want to re-check the things which you are already following in your life you should read this book.

GirlAfter a month I am back, happy to see my blog again:) Vacation was long and good, but nothing as planed. After a long gap of an year,  meeting my parents was the happiest moment. Now I am back with a light heart, relaxed mind. This time I bought 14 books while coming back! the books I was craving for….

Even though I decided not to read while I was on vacation I read a book ( Matagathi by Ravi Belagere) and picked a self help book from my mini library at my parents place, which I finished reading almost half ( Who will cry when you Die by Robin Sharma) Soon I will be back with reviews.