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Vacation time….

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Random
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vacation Vacation time.. OOOOOOhhhhh Hooooo….. After an year now going on a vacation. I can  imagine the smell of salty air and cool breeze  on my face 🙂 Looking forward to spend some good time with family and friends. I don’t think I can read any book when I am there but I am planning to buy lot of books!

Vacation For a month I am taking a break from blogging, will be back soon.. Untill then take care and Happy reading 🙂

A Discovery of WitchesI have been hearing a lot about this book, some said they liked it and some didn’t like the idea of vampires and witches together. Even I feel that Vampires should be the symbol of horror like in Bram Stokers ”Dracula” but I liked reading Stephen Meyer’s ”Twilight series” and Christopher Moore’s vampire-comedy series. A agree that Vampires should be scary but same time I enjoy little vampire romance and humor. You have seen love between vampires and vampires, werewolves and vampires and humans and vampires. This is one step further, love story between a witch and a vampire.

Diana Bishop is a witch who is trying to hide her magic after her parents death thinking magic is the reason for their death. But nothing can be forced to hide when universe decides it to show. Exactly same thing happened with her too, when she got her hands on a manuscript called Ashmole 782 for her study purpose she experienced something strange. But next day she is horrified to see all kind of creatures wandering near the library where she got the book and returned in to. But her life takes a turn when she meets a vampire who protects her from these creatures and dangerous events started over the book. Diana realizes slowly that she is not an ordinary witch but she is a powerful witch with great powers and entire  comity of vampires, witches and demons are searching for her for breaking the law and falling in love with a vampire as well as for wanting to test her extra ordinary powers. What are the rules? What are the powers she got inside her? Who is this vampire helping her? Is he really a trustworthy? you have to read the book for the answers.

I enjoyed reading this book, but the starting was little slow but reasonable scientific reasons and interesting tale of witches and powers are really good. This is the first book I read where witches are associated.



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People are going crazy about ”Fifty Shades Trilogy” every day I see some one or the other posting about these books. Some times it is good things and most of the times about how much they hate it. I know can’t blame them, I personally did’t like the first book ( so far I could read only one book out of three ). Whatever it is people are talking about it and buying these books so it is definitely a huge hit.

It is considered as fan fiction of ”Twilight series” but the best part is there are many spoofs, spin-off and parodies of this Fifty shades books. I was surprised to see 24 books in the list. Totally unbelievable isn’t it 🙂

Some of the titles are very interesting :

  • Fifty shades of gravy
  • Fifty shades of grey and Zombies
  • Fifty shades of silver hair and socks
  •  Fifty shades of gay
  • Fifty shades of pink
  • Fifty shades of grey the Vampire
  • Fifty shades of Twilight
  • Fifty shades of Garbage
  • Fifty shades of Fat
  • Fifty shades of Lame
  • fifty shades of Stupid
  • Fifty shades of bacon flavored vagina spray
  • Fifty shades of Alice in wonderland

the list goes on…… :)I would like to read few books from this list.But I don’t think after reading the original book I can take the word fifty shades anymore! It is like anyone can write a book with fifty shades and something on the title. I love this idea ha ha, may be I can write a book  and name it  Fifty shades of total rubbish or fifty shades of cheese burger with soda 🙂