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jessicas guide to dating on the dark side“Just remember, girls: The young male vampire is a predator by nature. Some boys may look at you not only as a romantic interest, but as prey . . ”

I love to read Vampire novels, but I have to say this one was different. At first I didn’t like the story but later found it difficult to put down. This one is interesting vampire novel with the touch of good  humor. I was just checking books in goodreads when I found this, and immediately I wanted to read this. Now that I have got kindle, finding books and reading is not that difficult task (still I want to own a personal library 🙂 )

Jessica Packwood is an adopted Romanian orphan with loving parents who are strict into vegan diets and organic farms. She is seventeen and never been kissed, a math geek and love her life as it is. But things can’t seem to stay normal in her life when Lucius comes from Romania as an exchange student and stays in her garage. That could have been better if he didn’t cliam her as her fiancee and himself a vampire. Things gets worst when her own parents support him but she likes anothet guy from class. What is going to happen to her? Is she a real vampire? Will she ever fall in love with this Vampire prince? What if she is late and he is already falling for some one else? A wonderful tale of vampires and their rivalry within the species.

It is a good time pass read if you are interested in little funny, romantic vampire stories.

The Lion  the witch and the wardrobe”It is my opinion that a story worth reading only in childhood is not worth reading even then”- C S Lewis

After reading the first book in the Chronicles of Narnia last month and getting into the Magical world of Narnia I read the second book ”The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S Lewis. I don’t know why I missed this book in my childhood but I am happy to read it at least now when I am out of college 🙂

 To avoid the threat of bombings in London,four kids, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are sent to stay in another country with Professor where Lucy discovers a wardrobe which opens to new magical world where its everyday winter but no Christmas. Lucy hears all about the evil white witch who rules the country but Edmund takes witch’s side and when four of them are in that new world suddenly surrounded by evil power they learn all about Aslan the Lion. Who created the Narnia and savior of Narnia. But think that was too late to begin with saving when your own brother cheats you.

A wonderful tale of Evil and good powers. I am so fascinated and captured by these stories, even though I have watched the movie.

It's all relativeI am a big fan of S C Stephens writing. I have read Conversion series ( Conversion, Bloodlines and Till death) a wonderful  series of vampire novels and Thoughtless a YA novel by this author. I fell in love with Conversion series, I read these books in Feedbooks for free, but now I think these books are not available for free, you can find only the sample. But fortunately ”It’s All Relative” is free.

”It’s all relative” is a simple story but with lot of complicated emotions. Jessie after being cheated by her boy friend wants  to go to a bar and get drunk with her friends and  for the first time in her life she wants to have a one night stand with a cute guy,  Kai  is a new comer to the city and he can’t take his eyes off from Jessie who is totally drunk. Jessie falls for his tropical blue-green eyes and completely gives herself to this handsome stranger but then they found out how complete they are together and how perfect they are together.This is simple isn’t it? It could have been simple if they didn’t find out that they are related! yes, they are cousins. How gross! but even though they try to keep their distance they fail and fall in love with each other. But sometimes fate can bring you together and miracles may happen.

It is bit slow moving story but found it interesting and predictable too. A good time pass read. If you are in a mood to read some romance go for it. As it is available free on feedbooks here is the link to download it.

Diary of a wimpy kid- Rodrick ruleAfter reading the first book, I decided to read all the wimpy kid diaries. ”Rodrick Rules” is the second book in the series of ”Diary of a wimpy kid”. It is as joyful journey as the first book.

Now Rodrick got hold on Greg’s diary and knows all his secrets he is threatening him and using that as a weapon against Greg. Now Greg  has to keep his second diary very much locked up, away from Rodrick’s hands. In the same time his school adventures starts like before. A wonderful, funny tale of Greg’s school and personal life.

I am sure I can’t wait to read the third book  which is already waiting for me to read it 🙂

I haven’t finished even a single book which I bought recently! ”The secret of little bees”, ”Riptide” and ”Disco Daddy” are lying in my shelf. I think I have to forget about reading old books from my shelf  soon( ”One day”, ”The House” and ” After the Party”) I bought 2 more books now to add to my collection, ”The Help” and ”Before I Go To Sleep”. I am super exited,I have heard a lot about this 2 books.

That is my recent purchase, love forever teddies 🙂 I always love the smell of book it is warm and reminds me so many things. I am looking forward to read these books soon. As now I own kindle I am busy reading books in it but I cant forget the pleasure of smelling a new book.

Someone is BleedingAfter reading the mind blowing novel ” I Am Legend” I started looking for more books from author Richard Matheson. I found this novel which was first published in 1953 ”Someone is Bleeding” it is a thriller novel with full of suspense. I finished  reading this book in a day. I appreciate the author for his creative ideas and wonderful suspense.

Someone is Bleeding is the story of young author David Newton who visits California to write his novel. There he falls in love with beautiful young woman Peggy who tells she is divorced. But life is not that simple when he comes to know that Peggy is in her lawyer’s control who also used to be good friend of David in college days and has some personal reason to hate later. When he learns from her lawyer that Peggy is not divorced but her husband was killed by her,his nightmare starts. Then series of murder with ice pick starts around him. Who is the murderer? What is exactly the point behind this murders?

I found the plot little bit messy other than that it was very successful in creating the tension and building the curiosity while reading. I am looking forward to read more books from this author because his writing style is unique.

Can Love Happen Twice”Wake Up call to the modern day lovers who have made it a fashion statement to love, breakup and quickly move on to find what’s next!”

After heart touching true tale of his love life -” I Too Had A Love Story”,Ravinder Singh wrote another book ”Can Love Happen Twice”. This time he let the readers guess if it is his real life story or fiction. After reading his second book I believe it is just fiction not like his first book where he reveals his painful  real  love story.

The day I finished ” I Too Had A Love Story” I had a question in my mind, what will happen to Ravin? How will he cope up with all the pain and broken heart? If he succeed in that will he able to love someone like he loved Kushi? This book came as an answer.  Book starts with a horrible fact told by his friends that he is in a re habitation center because love knocked on his door once again.  After Kushi is gone from his life in a terrible incident Ravin moves to Belgium and starts a new life there working in a new environment. But  his life changes upside down when he meets Simar. What happens in his life for the second time? Why he was admitted to rehab? one have to read and find out.

I don’t think that this book is complete fiction either. May be he met Simar rest of the story is mixed with fiction and non-fiction. It is simple and heart touching, worth reading once. According to me Ravin has written this book with an intention of making today’s generation understand the real meaning of love. They think Love is all about roaming around, passing time, sex and breakup when you are bored. He mainly intends to say that when you break up with out any reason you not only break their heart but you break their dreams, love and life. Perfect Indian love story with simple romantic touch. I give it 3 out of 5.