World War z This is a major war against enemies, who don’t rest till the end.They don’t need water to drink or air to breath. They don’t rest because their motive is to eat as many people as possible. Yes, here enemies are walking dead zombies! This is the first zombie novel I have read, I liked  reading ”The walking dead” comic series but never read a novel before. Vampires and werewolves are my favorite supernatural characters, but I don’t know where this zombies fit in? there is nothing properly mentioned in this book about their origin. I guess it started after the world war because many of  the diseases started after that. I don’t know if I have to call it a disease or supernatural thing.

World War Z is a oral history about the zombie war. It is written in the form of interviews, where survivors reveal and share their horrible experiences from all over the world.  The book begins with how first few cases of this zombie madness found.  Later it explains how it started infecting in worldwide when  infected refugees started travelling, what did the government do to prevent this,how people suffered by loosing their loved once and living in terrible fear for years, fighting dead things. Every war have to see the end so that’s what happens here too. World war Z ends after many years but leaves damages on human mind and body forever.

I felt this book was very slow going and I didn’t feel that excited while reading. May be oral history is not my type. Reasons for finding this book less exciting:  I felt that  all   characters had similar voices. Subject was little dry for the zombie concept, because when you say zombie that word gives you lot of ideas. So I personally feel that it is boring, I want to read about people in real time, like struggling to survive, not being told how people surivived after it was over.

  1. EastEndLass says:

    I really enjoyed World War Z 🙂 I even reviewed it…but a long time ago!

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