Eclipse ”Eclipse” is the third book in ”Twilight series” and it is my favorite out of three. It  is because there is a prominent role of Jacob Black. I don’t know why I have developed a soft corner for Jacob from the beginning. I feel he is more suitable for Bella than Edward but as usual love has no limits, especially in Bella’s case when she is ready to leave her life and turn into a vampire.

Last two books were kind of slow and boring, but this book was comparatively better. As Edward is returned now and  Bella is happy again, problems are returned too. As they say Bella is danger magnet, danger is again following Bella. Jacob and her friendship is bloomed again but same time his feelings for her is increased. Bella realizes that she too has feelings for him. But choice is hers, it will be her decision to choose one soul mate out of two. But in between this Victoria is back, this time with an army of vampires.

I don’t know what more can be there in the 4th book when everything is settled in this book. I am now eager to read the ”Breaking Dawn”. 


  1. Meera kashyap says:

    i hate the way Bella’s character is potrayed..she wants to sail on two boats!!!!! Unfair..:/

    • Deepika says:

      Yes! Totally unfair.. When she has to choose one out of two. But I liked Jacob from the beginning he is kind and sweet,he deserved more attention from Bella according to me 🙂

  2. Nicole P. says:

    I like “Eclipse” out of all of the “Twilight” series, mainly because of the underlying threat of Victoria’s revenge, which drives the plot. Jacob always earned my sympathies in the series; he is a genuinely nice guy but Bella doesn’t really treat him as kindly as he deserves.

    • Deepika says:

      I know Jacob is a very nice guy but Bella fails to treat him nicely. I always felt Bella is selfish. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts 🙂

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