You SuckIt’s so difficult world for walking dead, even though they are more powerful than humans they have their own problems to handle. I have been reading lot of vampire novels lately and to tel the truth I find it really interesting. ”You Suck” is the  sequel to Christopher Moore’s ”Blood Sucking Fiends”.

This book exactly starts off where the previous book was stopped. Jody never asked for being Vampire but an old vampire turned her just to his amusements and she started facing her life how it is with the help of Tommy who loved her and served her. So many twisting events happened after that in the first book. In second book Tommy wakes up and finds himself as a vampire. Now they both have to keep someone to serve them in day time, so they find a 16 year old goth chick, wanna be vampire. Animals are back this time but with a lot of surprise and back stabbing. Now that old vampire is free again and wants to take a revenge it is going to be more adventurous for Jody, Tommy and their little Minion. But wait for more vampires to show up in this book because this author never fails to surprise the readers 🙂 The funniest part of this book is ”The Chronicles of Abby Normal.” Abby is Jody and Tommy’s  new minion and ”The Chronicles of Abby Normal” is entries from her journal, where she described the events in her view like: “So I’m all…, she’s like…, and I’m like…, and she’s all…, and I was all…. and I am like stop it bitch” I loved the way author created this character, so funny and adorable.

Over all I gave this book 3 out of 5. There is a third book in this series ” Bite Me”. By the way I forgot to mention this huge vampire cat ”Chet” and his owner. This book is definitely worth reading once.

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