It's all relativeI am a big fan of S C Stephens writing. I have read Conversion series ( Conversion, Bloodlines and Till death) a wonderful  series of vampire novels and Thoughtless a YA novel by this author. I fell in love with Conversion series, I read these books in Feedbooks for free, but now I think these books are not available for free, you can find only the sample. But fortunately ”It’s All Relative” is free.

”It’s all relative” is a simple story but with lot of complicated emotions. Jessie after being cheated by her boy friend wants  to go to a bar and get drunk with her friends and  for the first time in her life she wants to have a one night stand with a cute guy,  Kai  is a new comer to the city and he can’t take his eyes off from Jessie who is totally drunk. Jessie falls for his tropical blue-green eyes and completely gives herself to this handsome stranger but then they found out how complete they are together and how perfect they are together.This is simple isn’t it? It could have been simple if they didn’t find out that they are related! yes, they are cousins. How gross! but even though they try to keep their distance they fail and fall in love with each other. But sometimes fate can bring you together and miracles may happen.

It is bit slow moving story but found it interesting and predictable too. A good time pass read. If you are in a mood to read some romance go for it. As it is available free on feedbooks here is the link to download it.


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