Someone is Bleeding by Richard Matheson

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Fiction, Suspense
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Someone is BleedingAfter reading the mind blowing novel ” I Am Legend” I started looking for more books from author Richard Matheson. I found this novel which was first published in 1953 ”Someone is Bleeding” it is a thriller novel with full of suspense. I finished  reading this book in a day. I appreciate the author for his creative ideas and wonderful suspense.

Someone is Bleeding is the story of young author David Newton who visits California to write his novel. There he falls in love with beautiful young woman Peggy who tells she is divorced. But life is not that simple when he comes to know that Peggy is in her lawyer’s control who also used to be good friend of David in college days and has some personal reason to hate later. When he learns from her lawyer that Peggy is not divorced but her husband was killed by her,his nightmare starts. Then series of murder with ice pick starts around him. Who is the murderer? What is exactly the point behind this murders?

I found the plot little bit messy other than that it was very successful in creating the tension and building the curiosity while reading. I am looking forward to read more books from this author because his writing style is unique.


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