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World War z This is a major war against enemies, who don’t rest till the end.They don’t need water to drink or air to breath. They don’t rest because their motive is to eat as many people as possible. Yes, here enemies are walking dead zombies! This is the first zombie novel I have read, I liked  reading ”The walking dead” comic series but never read a novel before. Vampires and werewolves are my favorite supernatural characters, but I don’t know where this zombies fit in? there is nothing properly mentioned in this book about their origin. I guess it started after the world war because many of  the diseases started after that. I don’t know if I have to call it a disease or supernatural thing.

World War Z is a oral history about the zombie war. It is written in the form of interviews, where survivors reveal and share their horrible experiences from all over the world.  The book begins with how first few cases of this zombie madness found.  Later it explains how it started infecting in worldwide when  infected refugees started travelling, what did the government do to prevent this,how people suffered by loosing their loved once and living in terrible fear for years, fighting dead things. Every war have to see the end so that’s what happens here too. World war Z ends after many years but leaves damages on human mind and body forever.

I felt this book was very slow going and I didn’t feel that excited while reading. May be oral history is not my type. Reasons for finding this book less exciting:  I felt that  all   characters had similar voices. Subject was little dry for the zombie concept, because when you say zombie that word gives you lot of ideas. So I personally feel that it is boring, I want to read about people in real time, like struggling to survive, not being told how people surivived after it was over.

The Book of TomorrowI think most people go to the bookshops and have no idea what they want to buy. Somehow, the books sit there, almost magically willing people to pick them up. The right person for the right book. It’s as though they already know whose life they need to be a part of, how they can make a difference, how they can teach a lesson, put a smile on a face at just the right time. I think about books a lot differently now” –  A dairy entry from The Book of Tomorrow

Cecelia Ahern is one of my favorite authors who never fails to entertain the readers. I just love her books, I have read ”P.S I love You”, ”If You Could See Me Now” , ”Thanks For The Memories” and ”A Place called Here” so far and liked it. She has a different writing style where she gives wings for her imaginations to fly throughout the book.

”The Book of Tomorrow” is a story of teenage girl, Tamara who is a spoiled brat. After her dad’s suicide due to bankruptcy she moves in with her  mom to aunt Rosaleen and uncle Arthur’s near a ruined castle. Accidentally she  gets a dairy which informs her about her tomorrow. Until then she never knew there was a huge secret in her past, but when she tries to follow the entries in the dairy she follows the mysterious clues to her past where there is a solution for her problems of present. Okay now I don’t want to tell the story and spoil the fun, so to find out what is it about you have to read the book.

This book is little slow moving at first but later I couldn’t put it down. In the beginning you may feel bored to read the boring statements of her life by Tamara later I am sure you will definitely feel more curious about her life. It is a good read if you are interested to believe in miracles.

Eclipse ”Eclipse” is the third book in ”Twilight series” and it is my favorite out of three. It  is because there is a prominent role of Jacob Black. I don’t know why I have developed a soft corner for Jacob from the beginning. I feel he is more suitable for Bella than Edward but as usual love has no limits, especially in Bella’s case when she is ready to leave her life and turn into a vampire.

Last two books were kind of slow and boring, but this book was comparatively better. As Edward is returned now and  Bella is happy again, problems are returned too. As they say Bella is danger magnet, danger is again following Bella. Jacob and her friendship is bloomed again but same time his feelings for her is increased. Bella realizes that she too has feelings for him. But choice is hers, it will be her decision to choose one soul mate out of two. But in between this Victoria is back, this time with an army of vampires.

I don’t know what more can be there in the 4th book when everything is settled in this book. I am now eager to read the ”Breaking Dawn”. 


This is a quick post about my new bookmark. I bought a Black Cat bookmark recently and it is so adorable. It has got a detachable head and designed body ( which is the actual bookmark). To tell the truth this is my first bookmark. I never used a book ark till now, even in my schooldays I always used pen or pencil as bookmark if its required and while reading novels I always remembered the page number 🙂 It never occurred to me to get a bookmark( I know, stupid right!).

Black Cat Bookmark

Even though it looks like it is for kids,before buying I made sure that  it is not.I like black cat 🙂

the-virgin-suicidesI wanted to read this book only because of it’s title. It looked like a mystery or suspense to me. But I truly admit that I simply didn’t get this book. I mean it is a fine story but there is no true STORY in that story! I was so desperate to find hidden meaning in it, but there was nothing. I was waiting for something to indicate or someone to tell what is it, till the very last page I didn’t see it.The one thing that really got my attention was the first person plural narrative. A few men, now in their thirties, narrate the story that marked their adolescence and entire life so far: the suicide of the 5 mysterious Lisbon sisters by interviewing people who knew and saw them.

Suicide is not the happiest topic for anybody to like it.Suicides of 5 sisters is not at all pleasant.It’s the story of 5 sisters narrated by neighborhood boys who loved them and worshiped their beauty.First suicide was committed by Cecelia,the youngest sister.After that nothing much happens in their family, remaining 4 sisters were always found in their own group with out mingling with others.Then one day they all commit suicide.Many say they were stressed, psychiatric behavior after their sister’s suicide. But nobody knows what was the reason.

I blame the parents here for not allowing them to socialize and live like normal teenager, I see them always poking their nose in everything and grounding them in house. I admire author’s writing style but I am not happy with the story line and ending. Story starts with the topic of 5 sisters suicide and ends with the same. What more I can say about it. I have heard a lot about ”Middlesex” by the same author, so planning to read that someday.

Unbelievable - Sara Shepard‘Don’t  believe everything you hear”

I love ”Pretty Little Liars” series they are filled with little secrets and lot of unexpected twists. ”Unbelievable” is the 4th book in the series. Previous book ended with Hana getting hit by a car and Aria, Emily, Spencer getting a message by A that she knew too much that’s why A had to hit her. This book starts with Hana in hospital suffering from memory loss( as expected). Our pretty little liars face so many problems and go through mental torture but finally when Hana gains her memory the identity of A is revealed and even Ali’s murderer is arrested. Who is A? Who is Ali’s murder and what was the reason to kill her?

This book is kind of my favorite out of 4 books in the series, because I feel  this book cant get more bitchier than this 🙂 According to me this book is the perfect ending of this mysterious series, but I see 5 more books in the series. I don’t know what more secrets are hidden. I am still wondering what author can add in next books when everything is settled and explained. I kinda feel pity for these girls. By the way there is someone still watching them.. so I know more secrets to come.

You SuckIt’s so difficult world for walking dead, even though they are more powerful than humans they have their own problems to handle. I have been reading lot of vampire novels lately and to tel the truth I find it really interesting. ”You Suck” is the  sequel to Christopher Moore’s ”Blood Sucking Fiends”.

This book exactly starts off where the previous book was stopped. Jody never asked for being Vampire but an old vampire turned her just to his amusements and she started facing her life how it is with the help of Tommy who loved her and served her. So many twisting events happened after that in the first book. In second book Tommy wakes up and finds himself as a vampire. Now they both have to keep someone to serve them in day time, so they find a 16 year old goth chick, wanna be vampire. Animals are back this time but with a lot of surprise and back stabbing. Now that old vampire is free again and wants to take a revenge it is going to be more adventurous for Jody, Tommy and their little Minion. But wait for more vampires to show up in this book because this author never fails to surprise the readers 🙂 The funniest part of this book is ”The Chronicles of Abby Normal.” Abby is Jody and Tommy’s  new minion and ”The Chronicles of Abby Normal” is entries from her journal, where she described the events in her view like: “So I’m all…, she’s like…, and I’m like…, and she’s all…, and I was all…. and I am like stop it bitch” I loved the way author created this character, so funny and adorable.

Over all I gave this book 3 out of 5. There is a third book in this series ” Bite Me”. By the way I forgot to mention this huge vampire cat ”Chet” and his owner. This book is definitely worth reading once.

jessicas guide to dating on the dark side“Just remember, girls: The young male vampire is a predator by nature. Some boys may look at you not only as a romantic interest, but as prey . . ”

I love to read Vampire novels, but I have to say this one was different. At first I didn’t like the story but later found it difficult to put down. This one is interesting vampire novel with the touch of good  humor. I was just checking books in goodreads when I found this, and immediately I wanted to read this. Now that I have got kindle, finding books and reading is not that difficult task (still I want to own a personal library 🙂 )

Jessica Packwood is an adopted Romanian orphan with loving parents who are strict into vegan diets and organic farms. She is seventeen and never been kissed, a math geek and love her life as it is. But things can’t seem to stay normal in her life when Lucius comes from Romania as an exchange student and stays in her garage. That could have been better if he didn’t cliam her as her fiancee and himself a vampire. Things gets worst when her own parents support him but she likes anothet guy from class. What is going to happen to her? Is she a real vampire? Will she ever fall in love with this Vampire prince? What if she is late and he is already falling for some one else? A wonderful tale of vampires and their rivalry within the species.

It is a good time pass read if you are interested in little funny, romantic vampire stories.

The Lion  the witch and the wardrobe”It is my opinion that a story worth reading only in childhood is not worth reading even then”- C S Lewis

After reading the first book in the Chronicles of Narnia last month and getting into the Magical world of Narnia I read the second book ”The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S Lewis. I don’t know why I missed this book in my childhood but I am happy to read it at least now when I am out of college 🙂

 To avoid the threat of bombings in London,four kids, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are sent to stay in another country with Professor where Lucy discovers a wardrobe which opens to new magical world where its everyday winter but no Christmas. Lucy hears all about the evil white witch who rules the country but Edmund takes witch’s side and when four of them are in that new world suddenly surrounded by evil power they learn all about Aslan the Lion. Who created the Narnia and savior of Narnia. But think that was too late to begin with saving when your own brother cheats you.

A wonderful tale of Evil and good powers. I am so fascinated and captured by these stories, even though I have watched the movie.

It's all relativeI am a big fan of S C Stephens writing. I have read Conversion series ( Conversion, Bloodlines and Till death) a wonderful  series of vampire novels and Thoughtless a YA novel by this author. I fell in love with Conversion series, I read these books in Feedbooks for free, but now I think these books are not available for free, you can find only the sample. But fortunately ”It’s All Relative” is free.

”It’s all relative” is a simple story but with lot of complicated emotions. Jessie after being cheated by her boy friend wants  to go to a bar and get drunk with her friends and  for the first time in her life she wants to have a one night stand with a cute guy,  Kai  is a new comer to the city and he can’t take his eyes off from Jessie who is totally drunk. Jessie falls for his tropical blue-green eyes and completely gives herself to this handsome stranger but then they found out how complete they are together and how perfect they are together.This is simple isn’t it? It could have been simple if they didn’t find out that they are related! yes, they are cousins. How gross! but even though they try to keep their distance they fail and fall in love with each other. But sometimes fate can bring you together and miracles may happen.

It is bit slow moving story but found it interesting and predictable too. A good time pass read. If you are in a mood to read some romance go for it. As it is available free on feedbooks here is the link to download it.