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Flawless“Don’t get too comfortable. It’s not over until I say it is”

I couldn’t wait more to find out what happens to pretty little liars in the second book. This book picks up right where the first book leaves off. The four girls meet after the funeral of their deceased friend and share some of what the mysterious “A” has threatened. Aria has her this thing for a boy who used to be Hanna’s boyfriend or its just that she wants to forget her English teacher? Hanna’s actions in the last book leads her to punishment  and she is forced to work in a burn clinic. Her relationships are all over the place-Mona is feeling  that she keeps secrets from her, her dad reappears and dis appears as soon as he came, her boyfriend dumps her. Spencer’s relationship with Wren is proving to be more difficult than she thought when he is a backstabber and cheater. Emily is more confused than ever about who she is when she meets a really hot guy…Toby, the stepbrother of Jenna!  is it safe for her to date a enemy from past?

It gets better in this book, confusion and suspense makes it a fast read. May be next month I can read the 3rd book.

diary-of-a-wimpy-kid 1Its better to read something light and different once in while,so I thought of reading dairy of a wimpy kid. I watched the movie based on this books long back and liked it. There are very few characters in this book and specialty of this book is its in the form of journal with pretty amazing doodles all over.

Story revolves  around Greg who is the owner and writer of the journal. His mom buys him a diary for his birthday when he asks her to buy him a journal. He writes pretty much everything what happens in his life, it is more like day to day updates about his friends, school and family drama. He wants to get popular in his school and want to make it to the school annual book. He comes up with all weird ideas to do that but somehow his one and only best friend Rowley gets more popular and his cartoon becomes hit in school. So what happens to his dream to be popular is main story here.

This book is very funny and fast going. I liked both the movie and book.  This is total entertainment not only for children but for all age groups. Go for it Zoo- wee- mama…. 🙂

bloodsucking fiendsLife can be really tough for a girl in her 20’s trying to maintain relationship, job and suddenly waking up a vampire. I know how it sounds crazy right! ”Blood sucking fiends” is a vampire story with lots of humor in it. I think it should come with a label: Make sure you read it alone, when you laugh aloud reading this book people may think you have lost your mind 🙂 I totally liked author’s writing style a wonderful tale of  Vampire girl.

Jody never asked to be a vampire but one evening she was forced to become one, when she woke up she was no more human, she can feel it with her supernatural strength, thirst for blood and fast heeling power. She meets ( by coincident) C. Thomas Flood, a writer ( or wanna be writer) who’s in San Francisco with little money and a place to share with 5 Chinese men and works in Garvey yard  shift with group of people called as ”Animals”. She moves in with him to an apartment where they can stay together by helping each other. She can pay bills and take care of money and he can do day time works which she cant go out and do due to sun light. From there the real twist starts, there is a elder vampire killing people and making it look like Jody and Tommy are responsible for that. What is the suspense? Where it takes them? What is Tommy’s story and what will he do when he learns that he is staying with vampire?

Although the book has the sub-title “A Love Story” tagged on to it, I don’t particularly think of this as a romance novel. It is a humorous story, filled with weird but funny characters. I would recommend this to Vampire fiction fans. Its actually trilogy with 2 more books as sequels

You Suck

Bite Me

I Am LegendI Am Legend is  best shortest horror novel ever written. When I picked this to read I was expecting a story about a hero out there somewhere killing Vampire like a legend!  But found out extra ordinary imagination of author and could’t stop reading. I finished this novel in one day!( Its very short novel, 150+ pages)

Imagine, what if you are the only one living  in the whole world but when its night you have to face all living dead ”Vampires” searching for you! Neville is essentially the last man on earth, and the loneliness of his situation is the central part of the story. He roams wherever he wants in day time but during night he locks himself inside his house where it is safe from vampires. He uses all possible methods to keep the vampire away like Garlic, running water etc. You may think what is new in this, we have seen and read about this kind of myths over million times. But this is different because there is a secitific explanation for everything, even the use of garlic or any other substance to keep them away is scientifically described. Here vampirism is  no dark power, its just a disease but very ugly, cruel, blood sucking disease. After being lonely for very long time he finds a women and everything changes. I don’t want to spoil the fun by telling what happens so it is left to readers to read and find out how story goes from here.

I Am Legend Movie

I watched movie based on this novel by the same name- I am legend starring Will Smith. Story is changed in the movie and its not that horrifying compared to the book. I would suggest to read the book before you watch the movie if you are not watched yet. Some parts in the book are scary like group of vampires calling Neville from out side to come out and every day it’s the same thing. I don’t think I would last for even five minutes in such situation! If you are fan of Vampire Novels then go for this book. But I should warn you that it is slow going.