Perfect- Pretty Little LiarsThe third part of ”Pretty Little Lairs” will shock you. I was getting restless after finishing the second book and couldn’t wait for long. There is some thing in these  books which will hold you  from beginning to ending and one will become more restless when a book ends because it will be a opening to a new suspense.  Usually I get bored to read series I like to read novels which don’t come as series of books. Till now I have completed only few series- ”Harry Potter”, ”Hunger Games”,and  ”Conversion”.

This book reveals a lot about ”A” and Ali’s murder. It is impossible to write a review without making any spoilers. Can Emily and Maya’s secret be kept safely in the closet? Can Spencer recall the night Ali disappeared in full detail? What happened to Spencer that she can’t even recall what happened that night? Where Aria and Ezra’s relation will reach if people come to know? But someone now knows who is A! Yes, Hanna came to know who is A but what will happen to her? Complete suspense and when you read it the mystery gets more interesting.

I am eager to read the 4th book now 🙂

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