Girl at Sea by Maureen Johnson

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Fiction, Young Adults
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Girl at Sea”Two things you should think about: one, things aren’t always as they seem. Two, never piss off a girl with a very big knife.”

-Clio (Girl at Sea by Johnson Maureen)

Here is a great summer read, ”Girl at Sea”. Who don’t want to experience a nice yacht ride for a week in beautiful Mediterranean, clear summer sky, crystal clear water wherever you see. For most of us its a dream come true! But not to Clio. Who has to take this so called dream journey stuck with ever energetic, crazy, happy dad and his archaeologist girl friend and her blond,  kind, over friendly,goddess like daughter  and a archaeologist and engineer assistant. Wow ho! Its a lot to take at once. Clio is forced to go along with her dad leaving her dream boy alone in her home town.  Here only thing she has to do is cook for people in the yacht. Is it possible to kiss that assistant guy when her dad is around her and her new friend is dating him? They are headed to Italy but why everyone is hiding a secret from her? What are they really looking for? When she finds her answers to these questions she will be shocked.

It is a well written novel with lot of suspense and unexpected twist. Its not that great but I should say there is something in this book which will make you read it once you start reading this. It is a good young adult novel with lots of humor.

  1. ProfeJMarie (Janet) says:

    Without telling me the end, did you like the end? I recently read my first Maureen Johnson novel and did not like the very end. It was abrupt and too open ended… and so I am wondering if this is a trademark of hers.

  2. Deepika says:

    To tell the truth I felt the end was little dramatic! I have read her ”Key to the Golden Firebird” and I felt the end was kind of unfinished. I liked the concept behind this book but ending was easy and simple here but again not that interesting as the rest of the book was. I should say it was open ended, like readers has to assume this is what going to happen to these characters.

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