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Perfect- Pretty Little LiarsThe third part of ”Pretty Little Lairs” will shock you. I was getting restless after finishing the second book and couldn’t wait for long. There is some thing in these  books which will hold you  from beginning to ending and one will become more restless when a book ends because it will be a opening to a new suspense.  Usually I get bored to read series I like to read novels which don’t come as series of books. Till now I have completed only few series- ”Harry Potter”, ”Hunger Games”,and  ”Conversion”.

This book reveals a lot about ”A” and Ali’s murder. It is impossible to write a review without making any spoilers. Can Emily and Maya’s secret be kept safely in the closet? Can Spencer recall the night Ali disappeared in full detail? What happened to Spencer that she can’t even recall what happened that night? Where Aria and Ezra’s relation will reach if people come to know? But someone now knows who is A! Yes, Hanna came to know who is A but what will happen to her? Complete suspense and when you read it the mystery gets more interesting.

I am eager to read the 4th book now 🙂

A Walk to Remember”Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes”

”A walk to remember” is one movie where I cry every time no matter how many times I watch it. I absolutely love it. But I never thought of reading it. I like Nicholas Sparks novels, I have read many- ”The Last Song”, ”Dear John”, ”Message In the Bottle”, ”The Note Book” and never failed to cry 🙂

This is a beautiful, romantic, heartwarming story that will surely leave you crying at the end. It is narrated by Landon about his early life in 1950 during his 17 years he ”grows up” to what he is now. The minister’s daughter, Jamie Sullivan helps him to grow up from what he was before, self absorbed and self fish person to real man. Jamie is a kind of girl, whom every elders liked  and children of her age made fun of but secretively felt guilty about themselves in her presence because she had that power of innocence and helping nature. Even Landon made fun of her for carrying bible and wearing the same brown sweat shirt through out the year. But one day due to some situation he asks her out and from there everything changes. She says not to fall in love, but he does exactly opposite to that. From there their short romantic journey starts off.

I totally love both, the movie and the book.Only hope is a wonderful song in the movie. I recommended many people to watch the movie. I recommended my husband to watch this when we were engaged he watched and absolutely felt the same way as I felt then when we watched the movie together after we  got married and started staying together, I almost scared him by crying like a mad person 🙂 This is the second book I love after ”Love Story” which is some what similar at the end. I give it 5 out of 5.

Picture PerfectI had high expectations for this book, having heard great things about the author. I read  ”My sister’s keeper” from the same author and liked it.

This story starts when Cassie wakes up on one of the cemetery, forgetting completely about her past. Will a  police officer finds her (Will is a white Lakota Indian) and takes her home with him and helps her to find her past by advertising in paper about her amnesia. Cassie is completely shocked when famous Hollywood actor Alex Rivers comes to take her home claiming her as his wife. As her memory starts to recover, Cassie begins to remember things about herself, her marriage to Alex and also why she ran away in the first place.

 The theme of domestic violence is a prominent issue in the book. It is an interesting  read but I won’t agree with the behavior of female character.  It is like she is hanging with problematic marriage suffering with her abusive husband after all what he did to her, still she thinks that she can change him! Ending was dramatic, I felt she could have taken that decision years back. Over all  it is a good read.

New moonI thought of exploring little more from ”Twilight” series and see what is there in second book(I don’t remember much from movie). It was little dull compared to the first one. But I don’t want to assume anything now because I have decided to read the complete series soon.

After what happened in the first book, Edward don’t want Bella to be in danger again so he leaves the city with  his family leaving her behind saying ”you are no good for me”. Shattered and heart broken Bella tries to find relief in the company of Jacob who turns out as a very big enemy of Vampires later. But then Jacob started falling HARD for Bella, and she was slowly falling for him. All the time Bella tries to fall in danger just to see if Edward shows up. But instead she falling in danger he is in danger and she has to save him now! You have to read the book to know more details about what happens.

Anyone who found the phrasing repetitive and the character of Bella to be mildly annoying, and boring be warned. Its very slow going and Bella is boring than before. But still I want to read the 3rd book because Jacob is interesting 🙂

Always I like to celebrate my birthday like a big event. I get exited about that before a month 🙂  It is so good to get many calls from family and friends,this year was no different. I started getting my gifts a week before! I got 2 dresses from my husband. It is the usual gift I get from my mom but as I was away from her this time I really missed my mom and dad. But I was happy to get call from them 🙂 Okay now I don’t want to drag anymore details because my birthday was  a week back that is 7th of June and I am sure people will get bored if I write about everything here.

I GOT AMAZON KINDLE FIRE…… WOOOOOO hoooooooooo  Yeaaaaay! I know I was thinking of buying this from a long time. But I got this from my husband as a birthday gift 🙂 😉 I can’t say how exited I am! I don’t think anything can be a better gift than that especially to me! (Everyone knows what a big book worm I am)

Kindle birthday gift

This is my new kindle with my lovely doll. I liked him when I first saw him in one of the malls here and for my surprise after a month my husband gave it to me as birthday gift. I like double colored hearts all over his body, he is cute isn’t he?

Now I can read e books on kindle. I already started reading The walking dead Comic series on kindle. But in Middle East I can’t get any free books available on amazon.  Many authors made it unavailable in certain countries. As I am not from here( I know that we are not going to settle here) I can always download free books in future 🙂

Girl at Sea”Two things you should think about: one, things aren’t always as they seem. Two, never piss off a girl with a very big knife.”

-Clio (Girl at Sea by Johnson Maureen)

Here is a great summer read, ”Girl at Sea”. Who don’t want to experience a nice yacht ride for a week in beautiful Mediterranean, clear summer sky, crystal clear water wherever you see. For most of us its a dream come true! But not to Clio. Who has to take this so called dream journey stuck with ever energetic, crazy, happy dad and his archaeologist girl friend and her blond,  kind, over friendly,goddess like daughter  and a archaeologist and engineer assistant. Wow ho! Its a lot to take at once. Clio is forced to go along with her dad leaving her dream boy alone in her home town.  Here only thing she has to do is cook for people in the yacht. Is it possible to kiss that assistant guy when her dad is around her and her new friend is dating him? They are headed to Italy but why everyone is hiding a secret from her? What are they really looking for? When she finds her answers to these questions she will be shocked.

It is a well written novel with lot of suspense and unexpected twist. Its not that great but I should say there is something in this book which will make you read it once you start reading this. It is a good young adult novel with lots of humor.

Wolves-Boys-Other-Things-That-Might-Kill-MeWerewolves came to my mind when I picked this book for reading! May be I should stop reading paranormal novels for a while. But for my surprise this book is all about human. It is a slow going story about a teenage girl but this is not exactly a young adult book, it  is suitable for all.

KJ lives in a small town just outside Yellowstone National Park where her father owns a successful outdoors-store and hunting/fishing guide business. She is a kind of loner with out a real friend but she meets this guy called Virgil who is new to the town and studies in her class. Then for the school newspaper, she is asked to write a series of articles about the controversial wolves that have been reintroduced into Yellowstone. But when the first article is published, and when she becomes involved with Virgil for visiting the wolves park , the town turns out to be anything but balanced. Violence erupts, and KJ’s world turns inside out. Now KJ is fighting to keep the peace but will she succeed in this task? What will happen to her love life when everything else is  ruined?

I liked KJ’s character here as a protagonist and the secondary characters were interesting as well, Virgil and her father especially. You can put this novel into suspense category. Its a good read and worth reading once. It will give a lot to think about!

Flawless“Don’t get too comfortable. It’s not over until I say it is”

I couldn’t wait more to find out what happens to pretty little liars in the second book. This book picks up right where the first book leaves off. The four girls meet after the funeral of their deceased friend and share some of what the mysterious “A” has threatened. Aria has her this thing for a boy who used to be Hanna’s boyfriend or its just that she wants to forget her English teacher? Hanna’s actions in the last book leads her to punishment  and she is forced to work in a burn clinic. Her relationships are all over the place-Mona is feeling  that she keeps secrets from her, her dad reappears and dis appears as soon as he came, her boyfriend dumps her. Spencer’s relationship with Wren is proving to be more difficult than she thought when he is a backstabber and cheater. Emily is more confused than ever about who she is when she meets a really hot guy…Toby, the stepbrother of Jenna!  is it safe for her to date a enemy from past?

It gets better in this book, confusion and suspense makes it a fast read. May be next month I can read the 3rd book.

diary-of-a-wimpy-kid 1Its better to read something light and different once in while,so I thought of reading dairy of a wimpy kid. I watched the movie based on this books long back and liked it. There are very few characters in this book and specialty of this book is its in the form of journal with pretty amazing doodles all over.

Story revolves  around Greg who is the owner and writer of the journal. His mom buys him a diary for his birthday when he asks her to buy him a journal. He writes pretty much everything what happens in his life, it is more like day to day updates about his friends, school and family drama. He wants to get popular in his school and want to make it to the school annual book. He comes up with all weird ideas to do that but somehow his one and only best friend Rowley gets more popular and his cartoon becomes hit in school. So what happens to his dream to be popular is main story here.

This book is very funny and fast going. I liked both the movie and book.  This is total entertainment not only for children but for all age groups. Go for it Zoo- wee- mama…. 🙂

bloodsucking fiendsLife can be really tough for a girl in her 20’s trying to maintain relationship, job and suddenly waking up a vampire. I know how it sounds crazy right! ”Blood sucking fiends” is a vampire story with lots of humor in it. I think it should come with a label: Make sure you read it alone, when you laugh aloud reading this book people may think you have lost your mind 🙂 I totally liked author’s writing style a wonderful tale of  Vampire girl.

Jody never asked to be a vampire but one evening she was forced to become one, when she woke up she was no more human, she can feel it with her supernatural strength, thirst for blood and fast heeling power. She meets ( by coincident) C. Thomas Flood, a writer ( or wanna be writer) who’s in San Francisco with little money and a place to share with 5 Chinese men and works in Garvey yard  shift with group of people called as ”Animals”. She moves in with him to an apartment where they can stay together by helping each other. She can pay bills and take care of money and he can do day time works which she cant go out and do due to sun light. From there the real twist starts, there is a elder vampire killing people and making it look like Jody and Tommy are responsible for that. What is the suspense? Where it takes them? What is Tommy’s story and what will he do when he learns that he is staying with vampire?

Although the book has the sub-title “A Love Story” tagged on to it, I don’t particularly think of this as a romance novel. It is a humorous story, filled with weird but funny characters. I would recommend this to Vampire fiction fans. Its actually trilogy with 2 more books as sequels

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