Pretty Little LiarsIts one of my favorite young adult novels, even though I read it once long back, I wanted to read it once again before I review it. I really appreciate the author for creating such a wonderful suspense story. I so wanted to read the remaining books but I was caught with other books. I watched Complete 1 season of ”Pretty little liars” and 2 season is  waiting to be watched in my system. I heard that they are broadcasting the 3 season next week on ABC family.

Imagine you having a popular BFF and everyone wants to be you, but you are not sure weather having such a BFF is curse or blessing. This is how it  is for Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily. Their BFF Alison disappears during the slumber party.After her disappearance, the four friends gradually drift apart until no one can even recall they were once friends. It’s now three years later and the teens are about to start their junior year. Spencer is very clever and competitive with her older sister about everything, Hanna is now the new model like girl but carries a terrible secret about her drastic makeover,Aria is back from Iceland with her family and has a crush on a new boy, unfortunately she just found out he’s her new English teacher, and Emily is the  good girl doing what she can to please her parents, that is until she meets Maya and finds out a new change in her. All four have secrets and they shared it only with Alison who took it with her to grave or thats what they think until it all starts coming back to them haunting. They start getting message and mails about their little secrets by A. Their life is complete mess now!  Who is A? What happened to Alison? What are their secrets?

Now that I read this book, I will soon start reading remaining books from ”Pretty little liars series”. Once I finish this series I want to read Lying game by the same author.

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