Brida by Paulo Coelho

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Fiction
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Brida”Nothing in the world is entirely wrong my dear, even a stopped clock is right twice a day”

I’m a big Coelho fan and i have read only two books so far! The alchemist was a great phenomenon,  when compared to The Alchemist, Brida does not match that level. But I liked the same positive energy throughout the book. The author once again brings about a good reflection on universal truths and spiritual enlightenment.

Soul mate, love at first sight concept  doesn’t exist now or if it still exists people are not bothered about that. This book explains a lot about soul mates and how they are formed and why they are meant to be together. But at the end it tells us even the soul mate concept will not stand if there is no love in between soul mates. As usual with all his energetic philosophies and a good story line I completely enjoyed reading.

This is a story about a young Irish girl who wants to learn magic. She finds two teachers to teach her magic. Both are excellent teachers, Magus who follows the tradition of sun and Wicca who follows the tradition of moon. But which one will she choose is left to her and her destiny. During  all these learning sessions she learns about  concept of soul mate and gets curious to know who is her soul mate. When she learns that she has a difficulty to follow that. A young girl’s confused, fascinating, magical tale of achievement.

I know magic is something, most of the people will not believe. Its up to you how you want to take it. If you consider this as a  real story ( I see author saying so before the story stars, or its only me who read it? ) or fiction. I found many things I came across before in my life just like how I found some similar things happened or happening in life when I read The Alchemist. I strongly believe in fact where Wicca says to Brida that clothes carry a part of emotions like happiness or sadness from past at least the memories will be there in them. Some clothes always makes us sad or put us in danger when we wear them because they are not meant for us, but for someone, we bought it by mistake. I felt that many times that clothes reflect our past feelings which we had when we wore them and some clothes no matter when I wear them gives a kind of un easy feeling  or sad feeling.

I would say its great book if you are interested to know about magic, witchcraft and related things.

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