Rogue by Danielle Steel

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Fiction, Romance
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I enjoy reading Danielle Steel’s novels, its good to read predictable happy endings sometimes. This is the second Danielle Steel book  and I liked it. I can’t say its too well written, but its one time or time pass read with lot of family drama and romance. The first book I read is- Toxic Bachelors that was quite fun compared to this one.  I have three Danielle steel books and all are given to me as gifts 🙂

Maxine has her life dedicated to her 3 children and her practice as child psychiatrist. After getting divorced from Blake, one of the richest man in the world she is happy with her life style. Blake and Maxine are like best friends now who comes once in a year like Santa Claus to meet his children. When she feels that she found some one in her life whom she can love and live with she realizes that Blake is a grown up man now and knows his responsibilities. Whom will she choose? What will happened to her love life? And why Blake is changed from a Rogue to a responsible person?

I am happy that author wrote a lot about teen drug addiction, suicides and many teen related queries and the way they deal with them in this book. And earthquake incidents which will break readers heart at one point. I am happy to see how novels can bring awareness in people. Even if it brings a small difference I am sure it will help people to know about it.

A slow moving (508 pages) novel. I will recommend this to people who like family drama but I should warn you its very slow going story( before you read, be aware of this) but with sudden twists!


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