5 things I plan to do apart from reading.. (Fingers crossed)

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Random
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There is no better hobby than reading! So I don’t need to think about improving my hobbies. I already have many hobbies to keep me happy and engaged. ( Thank God I am not that lazy on week days ).

Now I have to concentrate on other things. 5 things I plan to do apart from reading-

  1. Try not to close my eyes, or hide my face behind pillow or run away to bath room while watching a horror movie. ( Every time I do that while watching horror movie, so I have decided to try watching no matter what comes on screen)
  2. Get a job, that I love to do.( I don’t think everyone loves their job, so its important)
  3. Finish watching all movies which are in the ”Movies to watch list”. ( There are more than 100 movies)
  4. Find tops for my 2 new skirts. ( I know it seems easy, but I have been searching for almost more than 7 months now! thats why they are still new to me)
  5. Arrange my clothes and discover whats there in my wardrobe ( very tough!)

Hopefully I can finish these tasks soon. There is no time limit so I am not hurrying 🙂

  1. golappan says:

    Best of luck Dpka 🙂

  2. abdul1983 says:

    Try color coding your clothes… it will be easier 😉
    and good luck with completing the tasks.

  3. Bassas Blog says:

    Hahaha, I loved your description of what happens when you watch a horror movie! 🙂

  4. beckarooney says:

    haha am with you on 5. 🙂 lol ♥

  5. Ann says:

    Hey same pinch! I have been planning to do the first one when my sister is visting… She loves horror movies but i always close my eyes or hide behind my sis when scary scenes cme… Im promising myself that i will see these ‘scary’ scenes.. And mst probably lay awake at night thinking abt these scenes! 🙂

  6. Balu says:

    Nice, I just mute the volume when i watch horror movies :D.
    Good luck with your job and tops search!

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