The Key to the Golden Firebird by Maureen Johnson

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Fiction, Romance, Young Adults
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This is a story about three sisters who face all sort of problems after their fathers death. Its a tale of sisterhood, love and hope. I never read any books of Maureen Johnson before, so thought it will be interesting to read something new. And it didn’t disappoint me, it had the perfect balance between romance, conflict, and excitement.

Brooks is eighteen and is also a star softball player. Soon Brooks begins to hang around with the wrong crowd and starts drinking. Mayzie is sixteen and is considered to be the brains of the family. She is the only one, out of three sisters  who works and makes money for the family.  Palmer is youngest and she plays softball. As the girls mourn their father’s death in different ways, they realize that the only way to overcome the tragedy is to stay together.  There is this boy Pete, best friend from childhood who is ready to help them and support. How will they stick together? Where their life will lead them?

Its a teen read. I would refer this books strictly to only those  who like young adult novel and the family drama. Overall its a good time pass read.

  1. ProfeJMarie (Janet) says:

    Oh good! I’m glad you reviewed one of her books – I follow her on Twitter and she has many novels, so I thought I would check her out. Don’t know if this one will be at my library today, but good to have a preview of her stuff in general.

  2. Deepika says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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