Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles (Perfect Chemistry, #1)

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Fiction, Romance, Young Adults
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Perfect Chemistry“Perfect chemistry” is a perfect romantic novel. You find romance, emotions, love, lust and revenge all together. Its about a “perfect” rich, white girl (who at least pretends to be perfect even though her life is imperfect) falling in love with a guy who is a Gangster in Latino Blood gang. At first they hate each other but being chemistry partners( like the title says) they start liking each other. Brittany being so perfect and rich, will she able to maintain a relationship with gangster Alex? Can Alex ever get a life if he quits his gang? What happens to this lovely perfect couple?

Its an young adult novel but I should warn, there are sexual scenarios.  But I enjoyed reading this book, I was very much involved from first page. Its kind of Romeo Juliet story, like rich falling in love with poor and fighting hard to get that love. Its a perfect movie material and a good read too. 

  1. Beth Lapin says:

    Hi, Glad you liked my Spring post. I also just published a novel, To Say Goodbye, that you can get from Amazon or Barnes & Noble online But it’s still the same question: to buy, to check out from the library, or what? Beth

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