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Diana Palmer’s stories has links to her previous novels, because its all about ”Cow boys” from Jacobsville Texas and poor, young girls falling in love with them. But always story has different twists and people involved. I read only two novels ( including Winter Roses)  in ”Long, Tall Texans” series.

Winter Roses is same story between Texan Cow boy Stuart York and poor, young Ivy. Both hate each other or at least thats what they think. Ivy is independent, confident girl who wants to stand on her own legs without anybody’s financial support and Stuart is rich, tough guy. Ivy is best friend of Merrie , Stuarts sister. Rachel is  Ivy’s only  living relative and she hates her and spreads bad rumors  about Ivy and deals with drugs. What happens to Ivy? Will she be able to take care of herself? How can she avoid someone whom she adores? What is with Rachel and Ivy? What is behind this all hatred?

 So many characters in between and I kept forgetting who is who! This is time pass read but very predictable.

This is a story about three sisters who face all sort of problems after their fathers death. Its a tale of sisterhood, love and hope. I never read any books of Maureen Johnson before, so thought it will be interesting to read something new. And it didn’t disappoint me, it had the perfect balance between romance, conflict, and excitement.

Brooks is eighteen and is also a star softball player. Soon Brooks begins to hang around with the wrong crowd and starts drinking. Mayzie is sixteen and is considered to be the brains of the family. She is the only one, out of three sisters  who works and makes money for the family.  Palmer is youngest and she plays softball. As the girls mourn their father’s death in different ways, they realize that the only way to overcome the tragedy is to stay together.  There is this boy Pete, best friend from childhood who is ready to help them and support. How will they stick together? Where their life will lead them?

Its a teen read. I would refer this books strictly to only those  who like young adult novel and the family drama. Overall its a good time pass read.

An unbelievable story, a story of suffering  and violence. Most of the novels about Middle East are disappointing and sad, it shows the cruel culture and the cold blooded torture in the name of tradition. I don’t know how true this story of a women who escaped the honor killing is.  Some people say its true story and some say its fiction. I know its kind of odd that  burn victim who was burned 90% and was there in hospital for more than 2 weeks without food, enough water and any medical facilities. That too surviving chances are less when the victim here is  a pregnant lady.  Lets not think the odds about the story. Honour killing is so true, I have heard and read about. So the concept is true!

Its about Souad ( author of this novel, may be the name is changed here) from somewhere in west bank who is not aware of anything but working and serving her father and brother. As she says she is as intelligent and aware of world as  much as a goat! Under  all  strict circumstances  she falls in love and this love is the reason why people hate her. Its crime to have sex before marriage in her place and only punishment is honour killing. It can be done by her brother or her brother in law. How she escapes? Who helps her? What is her real story? Where is she now and what is she doing? answers for all these questions can be found in this novel.

Even though I feel this story is fiction. I know the concept is not. There are people still treating women in this way. So it was a good read but I was disappointed when I understood ( after reading half of the book) that its not entirely true story.

* Honour killing (Source- Wikipedia) : Honour killing  is the killing of a member of a family or social group by other members,due to the belief of the perpetrators that the victim has brought dishonor  upon the family or community. The perceived dishonor is normally the result of one of the following behaviors, or the suspicion of such behaviors: dressing in a manner unacceptable to the family or community, wanting to terminate or prevent an arranged marriage or desiring to marry by own choice, especially if to a member of a social group deemed inappropriate, engaging in heterosexual acts outside marriage and engaging in homosexual acts.

Its late for a review! I know, all Hunger games fans are already given the review. And all reviews are positive about the movie. I watched it on 22nd March thats last week and liked it. If you read my previous reviews about novels and  movies based on novels, you will find that I always felt books are better than movies. When a novel is adapted as a movie, they will always end up spoiling it. But this one is quite opposite.

This post is not about review. I should say that I am little confused after watching this movie. When I read this book I thought Peeta and Katniss will make a good pair. As Peeta was supportive and liked Katniss and helped her to win,I liked his character. I didn’t understand why Katniss had problem to accept his love. He is so innocent and lovable.

Peeta and Katniss

But after watching  the movie I liked Gale’s character too. He liked Katniss, and took care of her family in her absence and he looks good too. So I don’t know who will be suitable pair for Katniss now. Peeta or Gale?

Whom do you think as a good pair? I know I am acting like a crazy fan but I am as confused as Katniss 🙂 Now I am reading  the second book ”Catching Fire”, may be I will get an idea after reading this.

The naked faceThis is Sidney Sheldon’s first book,written in 1970. After “Nothing lasts forever” this is my second book of this author. Story revolves around psychiatry, the police, and the bad guys. Its well written and enjoyable.

Someone is trying to kill the main character, a psychologist, and he’s trying to figure out who the killer,before he becomes the victim. Is it one of his patients? Is it someone involved with the police? Dr Judd Stevens is confused because there is a big mystery, two people associated with him got killed and who is next? I liked the serious  crime thriller effect  and unexpected twists. More than Mater of unexpected i think he is master of “What happens next” 🙂 Because when I started reading I just wanted to finish this off and know what happens at the end.

 There is great suspense in this novel. Whoever likes some suspense and lot of twists I think its suitable book.

I have been nominated for another blog award! Yes its Awesome Blog Content Award this time. I have been nominated by Googsy’s Photography

In the acceptance of the award, one is to write something using the alphabet in any way you choose.I really dont know how it works but I will try to attempt writing something here.

A- I would like to ALASKA once in my life time.

B- BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG is my favorite.

C- I adore CATS and wish to have few as my pets in future.

D- My name starts from D so I love D.

E- I recently started eating EGGS. Becuase I am strict Vegetarian.

F- I like people who are FUNNY and Jovial.



I- IRELAND is another place I want to visit to.

J-  In JUNGLE BOOK movie I like “Bear Necessities” song and the way Mowgli Dances 🙂

K- I never played with KITES but I want to.

L- LEMONADE I go gaga for it.

M- MANNY my sweet heart

N- NAIL ART addicted

O- I always struggle to be an OPTIMIST.

P- PYRAMIDS  are always my subject of curiosity.

Q- QUACK QUACK ( I like to do like duck sometimes when I am nothing to do )

R- Love to read ROMANTIC NOVELS.

S- SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS is what I use to watch and sometimes I watch even now!


U- I think I am UNIQUE but always people try find similarities with someone else.

V- VAMPIRE movies and novels are scary ( only at night )

W- WINK! I dont like to use much winking smiles while chatting I think they change the meaning what you are trying to say.( Wanna come over to my place? and Wanna come over to my place 😉 Ooooh see it kind of changed the meaning or may be I am the only one who is feeling that.)

X- XYLOPHONE is what I think of when I think about X

Y- I dream of owning a YACHT ( I know its going to be just a dream, oh! I have to try to be an optimist here 🙂 )

Z – Plants Vs ZOMBIE that’s what I am currently playing, its not that great but good time pass.

Hope I didn’t write  too much. Now its my turn to nominate few more bloggers and keep the chain so that we can get to know more bloggers and wonderful blogs.

I would like to nominate following blogs for ABC award.

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I didn’t read any of Sarah Dessen’s books, so this is the first book I  have read. Its little different kind of story about family. When Ruby’s depressed and alcoholic mother abandons her, Ruby thinks that she can do just fine on her own. But when things start breaking  she is sent to live with the older sister she hasn’t seen in ten years. Cora  left Ruby and their mother behind when she left for college, or just that’s what Ruby thinks. Now Ruby is living with Cora and Cora’s husband, Jamie, in their big house and their neighbor, Nate, is trying to be her friend. But she thinks all these as temporary and she just wants to go away from there. What happens to Ruby? Where is her mother? Why exactly Cora stopped keeping in touch with her?

Jamie is so sweet and kind. I wished to have a  family member like him. Roscoe is cute dog who will make you laugh by his actions. I don’t know about other books but this one didn’t impress me much. But I like the writing style and I will surely pick some more Sarah Dessen’s books.

If You Could See Me Now is a gentle tale,a love story with a twist. Characters in this novel are not perfect but surely will capture  reader’s heart. Elizabeth Egan, is in her mid-thirties but single because she has got baggage, which is like a barrier to get her own life. Baggage is her own memory of mother who abandoned her leaving with her dad and younger sister Saoirse who is careless and alcoholic who left her 6 year old child Luke with Elizabeth. In between all these Elizabeth kept her life neat, busy and strict without any fun and enjoyment.

When six-year-old Luke begins to hum a tune that he learned from a new playmate named Ivan, Elizabeth learns of his imaginary friend whom she cant see. Only Luke and Saoirse can see him. But when Elizabeth meets a man named Ivan her life changes completely. Who is this invisible imaginary friend Ivan? How Elizabeth’s life will change? Ivan says he is from Ekam Eveileb where is that place?

I am sure imaginary friend is kind of  unbelievable but when you are in the middle of the story everything feels so real. A romantic, slow moving story . Again wonderful novel by Cecelia Ahern  if you are ready to accept the imaginary facts.

Attractive cover and my curiosity for fallen angel stories made me choose this book to read. Nora falls for fallen oh! I like this part a lot. I dont know how the title of the novel is related to story!

The bad boy kind of guys that girls seem to want always. Nora falls for bad ass, sexy Patch. In the beginning she hears danger bell ringing around when she is near to him. I felt like screaming her to go away from him 🙂 But later everything changes and Nora and Patch are different persons from what they were in the beginning. I didn’t like Nora’s friend Vee’s character a lot becuase I felt like she was inviting the danger all the time when Nora kept her warning through out the time.

Its a young adult novel full of twists and suspense. I liked how the least expected thing happens at the end. Overall its a good read.  If you are tiered with vampires and werewolves its a good paranormal book to read. There are 3 more books in the series- Crescendo(2010), Silence(2011) and Finale (2012).

I have read all his books, and I just couldn’t leave this book without reading. I have enjoyed his writing and I feel it stands out among other Indian Novels with different type of presentation. I liked his previous novel ” 2 States” and was expecting better. This is the first time I have read a book which is inspired by Bollywood movies and not the other way round ( wait! may be I can  say second time becuase I have already read “Anything for you Mam” by Tushar Raheja).

Revolution 2020 revolves In Varanasi where river Ganga washes everybody’s sin. Gopal Mishra is madly in love with a girl called Arathi from his school days and struggling to tell his feelings to her becuase she keeps sending mixed signals and keep saying the word “friends”. When he is away for a while she falls in love with his friend Raghav who is rebellion and want to change the corrupted country from the scratch. But after coming back Gopal gets involved in corrupted system. Is it fight for rights and against corruption or fight to get the same girl? Whom will Arathi choose, a person who is corrupted and gives into  corrupted system or the person who is fighting against the same system? Who is a good person here?

I had lot of expectations on this book but it turned out to be an average book. His books really do is to bring Bollywood home. Some scenarios are exactly make you feel as if you are reading a movie script. I hope to read better books in future from this author.