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After reading ”Thanks for the memories” and “P.S I love you” I definitely wanted to read more from this author. By looking at the title I felt its a romantic story but no, it was entirely different.

Its a story about a girl  named Sandy Shortt who started ‘Missing person’s agency’. Who is obsessed with lost things since her childhood after her neighbor and classmate disappears. Sandy struggles to cope with the concept of lost and how things can suddenly disappear. Where does things go when they disappear? She finds an answer to this question finally when she goes missing and lands up in such a place, A place called here where all the missing people are.

Imagine a land where all people who are alive and missing go, and things go! Yes its some thing similar to dream land. Where things keep appearing and people keep popping up when they went missing in “real” world. I had same thoughts when I was a kid, where things will go missing even though you keep them safe, and remember the place where you kept them. I use to loose my earrings, socks, pens and homework in my school days and kept wondering where did all things go? And even now some small things goes missing.

There is something about this book that kept me reading in spite of being a little bored in between. It was so interesting in the beginning then story was bit slow, but it gives different view about where missing things go. May be its true! 🙂

I was so attracted by the title: “Prom Nights from Hell”. What does prom nights from hell mean to you? Like some sexy vampire will come and kiss you on the prom night?  Or you realize how bad your dress looks when compared to others, or somebody poured mixed fruit punch on your hair and you exactly look like a peacock? Under normal circumstances these things will surely add in the list of prom nights from hell but this book is not about normal circumstances.

The book was released 2 years ago.  It has got 5 short stories by popular authors. Supernatural stories about the prom nights.

The Exterminator’s Daughter, by Meg Cabot. For those who are want to read about vampires. Its a very simple story where Mary, whose mother was a vampire hunter wants to save her friend Lila who is under spell of Dracula’s son. With her own crossbow and a handsome guy Adam in her side will she able to kill the Dracula? What will happen to her prom night?

The Corsage by Lauren Myracle. This story is kinda creepy but good classic horror story. Its about the cursed corsage, Frankie got it from a fortune teller. Frankie wants Will to ask her out for the prom night she wishes for that holding that Corsage from there everything changes.  Will is dying to ask her for prom night I mean literally! Be careful what you wish for.

Kiss and tell by Michele Jaffe.  18 year old Mirinda has superpowers and she wants to save people with it. Sibby is 14 year old girl who cant keep her mouth shut I mean to say she likes to talk and kiss guys. Some people are threatening her life and its up to  Mirinda  to save her. This story is not about prom night but a part of it is related to it.

Madison Avery and the Dim Reaper by Kim Harrison. Its an introduction to the Madison Avery trilogy.Madison is so pissed on the prom night becuase she finds out that she was a pity date and was dumped by a nerd. To make him jealous she leaves the prom with a handsome guy who turns out to be an  evil and kills her. Now she is in between human and ghost form surviving with a stone kind of amulet that she snatched from the guy who killed her.

Hell on Earth by Stephenie Meyer. All twilight fans, here is again a wonderful story. Prom night changes into hell, full of misery night with broken ankles, jewelry, and broken romance. Its all becuase of a new girl Sheba who is 186 years old demon in disguise. Will she be able to spoil the prom night? I liked the ending a lot.

A journey towards  horror, and supernatural prom night. Its not too late to attend a horrifying prom night 🙂

My Sister KkeeperI never read any book of  Picoult before, I started reading this last week ( Nights in Rodanthe still half read ) and found it very interesting. As soon as I finished reading I knew what to do. yes! get more books of same author. I got two books- Picture perfect and House rules  🙂

My Sister’s Keeper is about a young girl, Anna, who was conceived in order to be a donor for her older sister Kate.  Anna is welcomed by her parents to this world just to donate her blood, organs and tissue to her elder sister who is struggling to live with Leukemia. Anna cant live her own life because she may needed any time at hospital if her sister gets sick. Finally Anna decides to file a case against her family when she comes to know that she will have to donate a kidney to her sister Kate, who is about to die without it.

What will happen to Anna’s decision?  How her parents will react when they come to know about it? Will she succeed? What will happen to her sister Kate, will she survive? I liked the way author described everybody’s point of view. Its not  only about Anna, when you read it you will know what everyone feels about it. Amazing way of expressing the feelings. I had my tissues out fully prepared, but to my surprise the ending I had expected never came. I hated Sara’s character here. She only cared out her sick daughter Kate by completely neglecting Anna and Jesse. I didn’t expect the depressing ending. But overall it stands as a  good book. Worth reading once.

If you ask me what was my recent jaw dropping moment I would say i had two recently! Yes yesterday I got Liebster Blog award by Googsy’s Photography and again I have been nominated for two more awards, The versatile blogger and Kreative Blogger award by wonderful blogger TLS.


The blogger who kindly gave me this award is :

Who has got wonderful blog called details in the fabric. Its very creative blog, she is into nail arts, photography and many more things. I like it more when she writes about her cat ‘Caspar’. A big thanks to her for passing this awards to me 🙂

According to the rules, think I will have to share few things about myself.

  • I love cats & dogs but I dont own any.
  • I like Microbiology a lot, but dont remember whatever I read about it
  • If I watch a movie I will remember the story forever
  • I am addicted to books and nail polishes

Here I would like to present this award to some bloggers who really deserves this:

Liebster Blog Award..

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Yuppie…!!! I got nominated for Liebster Blog Award by Googsy’s Photography. Thanks a lot 🙂

Its total surprise to me. I am so exited of this becuase its my first blog award! And I got two more awards- Versatile blogger and creative blogger award from TLS ( which will be my next post ). I started blogging recently and these awards are really encouraging.

To accept this award, the recipient will:

  1. Thank the fellow blogger who nominated you.
  2. Link back to the person who awarded you.
  3. List five blogs that have affected your writing in a positive manner.
  4. Leave comments on those blogs to let them know of the nominations.
  5. Post the award on your blog.

My big thanks to Googsy’s photography who has got amazing talent in photography and the quotes along with the photos are full of meaning and inspiring. Please check this blog its worth visiting:

5 blogs which I would like to nominate this award: A different kind of blog, very creative and worth visiting.– Amazing blog. Especially I love the cat Casper who is the main attraction here.– A wonderful blog about books and reviews. It helps me to read what books I should be reading or buying. -Its a very creative blog. Its about parenting and experiences.– Great nail blog. I love the nail arts and the nail polish reviews.

It was a really tough job to decide whom to nominate. So I hope I have done it right 🙂

Before I begin with the post I want to tell why I am posting this instead of posting reviews on books. Answer is simple I didn’t read any book this week 🙂 I am stuck with “Nights in rodanthe” ( as usual no time to read in office because I recently got caught while reading 😦 ) and My sister’s keeper which I am managing to read whenever I get time.

This post is about free e books. I have seen many people downloading the e book in different format from sites which give it for free of cost.  E books are always available at low price compared to hard books.  There is another category known as online novels, which are given by authors to readers in free of cost (like “The Lycan series’’ by Nicky Charles on feed books). That is really good becuase books are available with authors permission.  But some e books are available for free without author’s permission.

Authors deserve to make money from book. Anyone that makes a copy of the book and puts it online or emails it to others is doing a mistake. Not only authors, but many artists like musicians, script writers and film makers are facing the same problem. There are lot of ways to copy the original stuff and give it for free online.

But a coin has two sides. Same way there are people I have seen buying books after reading the e copy of it. They say that its good to read it first then buy it. They say they can read books from new authors and then buy it rather than buyin it first and then keep it aside without reading. May be this free e books will help them.

Kindle fever!

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As other book lovers I spend a lot of time reading about new books, and book reviews online. I found a  lot of people using kindle, as it is easy to carry everywhere and has wonderful storage capacity.

I have read so many ‘E books’ online or in pdf format too. Recently I have 15 e books with me ( as it is easy to read in office, while your boss is around 🙂 ) I am fascinated towards the new wireless device which is available for very attractive price. But I still agree that nothing is better than reading a  ”real” book. Reading your favorite book, sipping on strong coffee is heavenly feeling. Nothing better than reading a book  cuddling inside a blanket while its raining out side.

May be I will buy a kindle someday.  May be kindle readers can shed some light on whether or not this concept  works.

So book lovers what do you think about this? What do you prefer? Real books or E books?