Kindle fever!

Posted: February 5, 2012 in Random
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As other book lovers I spend a lot of time reading about new books, and book reviews online. I found a  lot of people using kindle, as it is easy to carry everywhere and has wonderful storage capacity.

I have read so many ‘E books’ online or in pdf format too. Recently I have 15 e books with me ( as it is easy to read in office, while your boss is around 🙂 ) I am fascinated towards the new wireless device which is available for very attractive price. But I still agree that nothing is better than reading a  ”real” book. Reading your favorite book, sipping on strong coffee is heavenly feeling. Nothing better than reading a book  cuddling inside a blanket while its raining out side.

May be I will buy a kindle someday.  May be kindle readers can shed some light on whether or not this concept  works.

So book lovers what do you think about this? What do you prefer? Real books or E books?

  1. Krystal Rose says:

    I am a serious bookworm myself and I have the Nook by Barnes & Noble, which I adore. I agree with you in the sense that holding a “real” book is a joy like none other, however, reading on my Nook is very joyful too. I have a policy that I like to follow where the ebooks vs. real books are concerned. If I feel that a particular book is one that I will keep forever and share with others, and quite possibly read again at some point, then I will buy the “real” book. If I don’t see myself ever reading it again or keeping it for any particular reason, like for example, books that are large series, then I will put those on my Nook because why clutter my bookshelves with books that are just light and fluffy reads? I’d rather made space for the spectacular, life-altering finds that I wish to cherish forever. Not that you can’t keep your Nook or Kindle books forever, but not all books are worth buying and in many cases you’d read more books on the device because they are cheaper and worth that price. Good luck with your decision. I don’t regret my purchase whatsoever and I carry my Nook along with “real” books everywhere I go. 🙂

  2. Indhu says:

    hi…gottta nice blog over here. I tried e-reading too…but it couldn’t convince me about the satisfaction of reading a real book. So i quit e-reading. ……And, having a collection of real books is more appealing to me.

    • Deepika says:

      Exactly! that’s my point too. I read few e books ( very easy to read in office without getting caught 🙂 ) I liked it but not as much as I like reading real books.

  3. Nova says:

    I am going to get my kindle on 14th of this month… will let u know my views then 🙂

  4. Sandie says:

    Oh get one, definitely! I am in love with mine. I’ve around 50 books on my Kindle so I don’t have to lug around all of them should I decide to hop from one story to the next. It also has a dictionary so you can easily look up a word as you read. It’s a bit hard to scan pages though, like if you want to go back to a certain part — which I am able to do with real books. I also can’t write on the pages, obviously haha.

    Where do you get your e-books? 🙂

    • Deepika says:

      I will definitely get one then 🙂 I know few links where we can download free e books and few links where we can register and get e books. I get it in pdf format.

      • Sue Swift/Suz deMello says:

        Watch out for the so-called “free” sites–many are pirate sites and the books you are reading have been stolen. It’s best to go to a legitimate site like Amazon and Smashwords, where you can find plenty of free books, rather then a pirate site. As an author, I work hard to write books and I need my royalties!

      • Deepika says:

        Sure.. I will watch out. Here I was talking about free books which are given online with author’s permission ( like in Feed books ). I am against piracy though, I have written a post about it –

      • Sue Swift/Suz deMello says:

        Thank you! As I said at your blog on this subject, I really appreciate it when readers show concern about book piracy because when we protest about it, we seem so self serving! But it’s really an important issue to us.

        A lot of people think writers are all wealthy. We’re not, and we need those payments to feed ourselves and our families, pay the electric bill, and so on, just like you.

  5. katkasia says:

    I think one of the advantages of a Kindle has to be that you can have a go at so many more books (and carry them around more easily! :)) for a much smaller price than buying new real books. So perhaps people are more willing to try out a new author with an ebook as the investment is smaller?

  6. Geoff W says:

    Ever since they included Kindle books in Overdrive (library books) – I’ve loved my Kindle even more. It’s especially great for traveling and the gym. I’ve not abandoned books however because I love used bookstores and sometimes you just want a book in your hands. I try and alternate between regular book and Kindle.

  7. Hey! My name. LOL.

    I will ALWAYS love holding a physical copy. BUT I adore e-books. They’re simple to take with you, you can read them whenever you like basically, since you can easily just download an app for any device AND most sites keep your buys on their site, so even if something would happen to the device, the book will always stay there. I can also get the book right this second if I’m desperate, which I often am for some of my have-to-releases!

    I loved my Kindle before, but after both of mine (less than a year) died, I decided to get a tablet and love it even more! But then I don’t mind the back-light. I’m considering getting a Kobo or a Sony, but REALLY want a Nook. I so wish it was offered here!

    • Deepika says:

      I am so sorry to hear about your ‘kindle’ experience. Its really bad that 2 kindles died in very less time span. I don’t know much about nook, but heard its good.. Thanks for visiting my blog! Happy reading 🙂

  8. missuswolf says:

    I got a Kindle for Christmas and I LOVE it! At first when I saw them last year I was a it dubious but since getting mine it goes everywhere with me.They are ideal for holidays as less weight in your suitcase (more room for shoes!).
    However, I still do like reading a book, I love the feel of them. I still have plenty of books to get through in my flat as well as my Kindle xx

  9. 7theaven says:

    Back to the point, Kindle Fever is oN!

  10. Balu says:

    Your blog is good.
    Real book is what I love. I also listen to audio books and read books on my phone.
    By having 15+ ebooks, I understand that you are very comfortable reading books on devices. so better grab an iPad or a Kindle soon 🙂

    BTW I have posted a similar one in my blog. Would be great if you can hop by 🙂

    • Deepika says:

      I have visited your blog too, its good. You have well differentiated and explained about all type of books available nowadays.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views. Real books are good I agree with you 🙂

  11. I’m a serious reader, and a few months ago I got my first e-Reader- a kobo.

    It has been a dream to use, and I can’t imagine how I used to do it without my kobo. Using an e-reader has now become second nature.

    They are lightweight, easy to carry, and getting a book is no longer a hassle! No need to get to the shops or the library.

    I really like my eReader. Since you’re a serious bookworm too, purplebooky, I definitely recommend an eReader like the kobo eReader. Don’t bother with an iPad or anything that is backlit like a computer — you have to get an eInk ereader like kobo, kindle or sony otherwise your eyes will be SORE (trust me!!) after hours of reading!

    May you have a fantastic year reading!

    • Deepika says:

      I am glad to know your experience with the e- reader. Thanks for sharing your views. Now I definitely want a e- reader. Even though I like the ‘real books’ more I want to experience the e reading( I have read books in pdf formats on my laptop) through a proper device.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  12. geeamekarvis says:

    I totally agree Deepika. Even in this age of all things wireless and jazzy, nothing can match holding the book in your hands, reclining on a comfy chair and sipping a cup of coffee. I realize I am quite old-school when it comes to books and readings. I will need some really good sales pitch to buy a kindle.

    We will wait for your experience with the e-reader and maybe it will convince me too 🙂


  13. I would not buy a codex if I can get the book on Kindle. I like to take notes as I go, and to be able to search inside the book. I like the lightness of it, and the convenience, but mostly I do not want to clutter my house with big heavy books, because I might be moving soon. Yes they look good, but ornaments are prettier.

  14. Sue Swift/Suz deMello says:

    I want a ebook reader but am so confused by the plethora of machines available. Heck, there are, what, 5 Kindles???? I don’t know which one to buy!

  15. Amy Pirt says:

    I hate Kindles. Give me flammable, tangible paper anyday!

    • Deepika says:

      I haven’t made my mind yet about buying kindle. In case if I buy in near future, still ‘real books’ will be my favorite. Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your opinion.

  16. I finally joined the Kindle crowd last month and love it! It’s actually easier to drink that strong coffee and turn pages on the Kindle than with a paperback or hardback book because you only need one finger to page turn.

    • Deepika says:

      True, Think that might be easier to use kindle. Drinking coffee with cookies is something I always do while reading 🙂 Thanks for sharing your kindle experience.

  17. if they can make an ebook reader more esthetically pleasing then i might consider one. and i’m not sure what that would look like. maybe if it flashed the cover on the flip side or some other colorful design. and if they could somehow make it feel like paper or something natural like a chocolate bar, you know something touchable and hugable…

  18. AKMamma says:

    The smell of a book is one of the best smells in the world, but I am a bibliophile and with so many authors and indie authors publishing to ebook format first I have been reading my books on my Kindle app on my iPhone for over two years. I also live in a TINY cabin in the woods of Alaska and have no more room for books. If I get a book it is because I REALLY REALLY want to have that book in hard hold me now format! Otherwise it goes in my Kindle (I now have a Kindle that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!)

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